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5 Clues that your Rental Car may be too Small

I really think some cars are better for around-town-driving than on-the-road-driving. Of course the secret is to determine which type of rental car you have before your journey begins. My family has rented our share of “better-suited-for-around-town-cars” but none have been as unpleasant as our recent road trip experience.

Here’s what I learned from my experience in 5 Clues that your Rental Car may be too Small:

1. When you arrive at the customer service desk at the car rental office, you are given a choice between a Fiat or not much larger car. Compared to the Fiat, everything looks big so you select Option B. Mistake #1.

2. After you select Option B you actually ask the representative to hold off on processing your order so you can go outside and look at the vehicle- just to make sure that it will be big enough for your family. Hesitantly, you decide it will work.  Mistake #2.

3. You drive home only to have your 6’ 5” tall son come out and gasp upon first site while he exclaims, “Didn’t they have any real cars left?”

4. You quickly repack, deciding what is not essential, because you’re afraid that the trunk won’t hold all your luggage.

5. After you pack the car, you consider leaving a family member behind so everyone else will be more comfortable. Not that I really considered that option,*ahem* for long, that is.

And after you ignore all those red flags, it’s safe to say, you’ll certainly have a memorable experience- albeit, not exactly the way you planned.

The tiny rental car can certainly become the perfect prop for fun road trip photos, like the picture my daughter took of my son trying to get comfortable so he could sleep in the front seat because he certainly didn’t fit in the back.

prom 073

Yes, that is a unicorn pillow pet, and no, she didn’t zoom in to snap this beauty.

What is the most uncomfortable car you’ve ever ridden in? Protection Status
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