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5 Tips for increasing your iPhone Battery

5 Tips to Increasing your iPhone Battery when you Travel If you have an iPhone, chances are good that at one time or another you have dealt with a battery that won’t stay charged. Especially when you travel. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of missing that perfect photo op or not stopping at that fun roadside attraction because I can’t access my Roadside America app or camera because my phone is dead. While you can’t take a bad battery and suddenly make it into a great one, there are certain things you can do to help your current one to hold a charge better. These 5 tips for increasing your iPhone battery are just a few things that you can do.

Turn off Location Services – When your phone uses location services all of the time, it can easily drain your battery. Besides, is there really a reason that every app on your phone needs to know where you are 24/7? Instead, turn off the “always on” feature and set the apps that need it, such as Google Maps or Instagram, to use your location only when you’re using the app.

Shut your apps down – If you’re new to the iPhone (or maybe if you’re not), you may not realize that even when you exit out of an app, it doesn’t close down entirely. Keeping them running will only serve to drain your battery. Instead, double tap the home button. Your phone will pop up all of the apps that are currently running. Slide upwards to shut them down.

Adjust your power settings – Do you really need your screen so bright that it could light your way in the dark? Probably not. In fact, the iPhone has a built in flashlight for that (slide up from the bottom of your homescreen). To help extend your battery life, turn the screen brightness down. You’ll still be able to see and your battery will last longer.

Shut off Wifi when you’re out and about – When you’re traveling, you certainly don’t need to be “connected” to your home Wi-Fi.  Having it turned on means that your phone is constantly searching for Wi-Fi and using energy. To help keep your battery charged while you’re on the go, turn off Wi-Fi access when you’re not at home.

Turn off notifications – You know those nasty little popups that come up on your home screen when your phone is locked? They are draining your battery more than you realized. Turn off the ones that you absolutely do not need and keep the ones that you do. Your battery will last much longer than you expected.

If all of these fail and your battery still won’t hold a charge, you may need a new one. You can find DIY iPhone battery replacement kits on Amazon for fairly cheap or you can opt to take it to a local shop that specializes in it. Either way, replacing your battery is a lot cheaper than replacing your entire phone.

What tips do you have for preserving your iPhone battery when you travel? Protection Status
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