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6 Minutes in Vegas- Exploring the Pawn Stars Shop

Gold & Silver Pawn Stop in Las Vegas

A visit to Las Vegas couldn’t be complete for my family without a visit to the Silver & Gold Pawn Shop, better known as the location of The History Channels Pawn Stars.

This was a stop that we almost skipped because the reviews I read stated that the area it was in left a bit to be desired and best visited during the day. Unfortunately, it took us longer to cross through Death Valley than we had intended so we had two options.

A) We could drive on and pretend that we didn’t care if we missed our chance at seeing the cast of one of our favorite TV shows.


B) We could brave the drive at night, in the dark just to see if the location truly was as bad as the reviews stated.

After a brief discussion, we opted to drive by and see what the area around the Pawn Stars shop looked like. It turned out we were pleasantly surprised. The area wasn’t the best, but then I’ve found many pawn shops are in less desirable parts of town. It’s also important to note that Vegas has a reputation for being a bit less than savory so it shouldn’t surprise visitors to see neon signs advertising certain types of clubs that are located along the route to the pawn shop.

Deciding that we’d live if we stopped to take a look inside, we pulled into the crowded parking lot with the many tourists who like us, wanted to try their luck at catching a glimpse of the Pawn Star crew in action.

After parking, my husband took off across the parking lot with two of my teenagers at his heels while I fumbled with my camera trying to take the lens cap off so I could snap a few photos before they disappeared inside. I really wanted to get a picture of them under the Pawn Stars sign, but there was a line and my husband wasn’t about to wait. I thought he was in a hurry to quickly see what we’d come to see and get back on the road– little did I know he was on the search for a restroom.

I quickly followed my family into the pawn shop that had a small selection of pawned items for sale, strode directly to the back of the store where you can buy a jersey sporting the mug of your favorite Pawn Star character as well as other memorabilia and just as quickly exited the store.

We parked, entered the store and drove away in under 6 minutes flat. Yep. That’s it. 6 minutes. You’ll have to forgive me for not getting any pictures inside the store. The one I tried to take with my phone turned into an unrecognizable blur.

I did however, manage to snap one more photo of the outside, as there was no longer a line under the Pawn Star sign. Of course, I still couldn’t convince my family to take time to pose.

Pawn Stars Shop in Las Vegas

I’m convinced that had I protested and held out for a photo, my husband would have drove off and left me in the parking lot.

And since he was the one with our money in his wallet, I probably would have had to pawn my camera to get back home to Ohio.

One thing I learned on this road trip, never mess with a man in search of a restroom. Ever.

Want to plan a visit of your own?

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is open 9 am to 9 pm.

You’ll find it at 713 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101 and on the web at



Andrew @ Mommy's Busy

Wednesday 29th of January 2014

That's a long drive for a 6-minute trip! But sounds like you had fun at least making it there!

Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity

Sunday 26th of January 2014

That sounds like a fun 6 minutes. Sorry you didn't get your pictures you wanted but a man needs what a man needs. :)


Sunday 26th of January 2014

I was just in Vegas but didn't make it there. Didn't know it was such a hot spot - duly noted.

Jennifer H

Sunday 26th of January 2014

I was really hoping we could've gone there on our trip last year, but it just didn't happen.


Sunday 26th of January 2014

Very cool, probably worth the stop even for a brief visit. My kids love this show. Protection Status
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