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A Formula for an Easy Road Trip Trail Mix

Easy Road Trip Trail Mix

I’m a fan of quick and easy these days. My life is all about simplifying and using my time wisely. Well, that’s not entirely true. My GOAL is to learn to simplify and be a better manager of my time in all areas. One area I really struggle is meals and snacks. I’m a horrible planner, often waiting until the very last minute to decide what to pack, not only when it comes to road trip snacks.

It’s not like I can skip this step. If I fail to plan our wallet ends up paying for my mistake, as snacks are essential to road trips. They are also costly when purchased at gas stations and convenience stores.

I found a solution. This easy road trip trail mix formula couldn’t be easier, goes a long way and it can be customized to your family’s individual tastes and preferences. While there are many varieties, I think the best trail mix follows a simple strategy. Are you curious?

A Simple Formula for an Easy Road Trip Trail Mix 

A sample of products from that I used in my road trip snack mix.
1. Choose a salty base.

Pretzels, nuts, seeds, or all the above, make a great base for your trail mix.

2. Add some dried fruit.

3. Everything is better with chocolate.

You can add chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, M & M’s, or another candy.

Making my easy road trip snack mix

For my most recent Road Trip Trail Mix, I selected pretzels, roasted (salted) almonds, whole dried cranberries, and assorted chocolate chips.

I added three cups of pretzels and one cup of everything else to start.

Since I was making a large batch, I doubled everything, mixed it together and stored it in a tight-sealed gallon size plastic bag for 24-hours to allow all the flavors to mix together. Before leaving on my road trip, I packed my Eco Vessel cups with individual portions of our road trip snacks so it would be easy to eat the trail mix on the go.

Store your road trip snack mix in ecovessel containers.

I ordered everything from, except pretzels. started as the Newark Nut Company in 1929. Known for their premium nuts and dried fruits, this family-owned business has survived the Great Depression and other hardships to grow from a modest open-air market to a warehouse that now ships over 2,000 quality products worldwide. products come packaged in this adorable packaging

The nuts are roasted on the day that they are sent out from the factory. I have to admit they were pretty delicious. They were so good I was afraid my family would eat all the almonds before I had a chance to make the trail mix! And ordering the products saves you a trip to the grocery store!

Here are some of the products you can order from What items would you add to your trail mix?

Dominique King

Thursday 30th of June 2016

This is easy enough that even I could make it! I'm a big fan of cashews, so I'd probably include some of those...maybe some golden raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips. The possibilities are pretty much endless, aren't they? :) Protection Status
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