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Book Review: Cleveland 2nd Edition by Douglas Trattner

Easily plan your trip to Cleveland with this travel guide by Douglas Trattner
Finding a good travel book is well worth the investment, especially when there is a city to explore. In his book, Douglas Trattner reveals a Cleveland that outsiders know little about, and the reason is, he truly loves Cleveland. What a difference that makes to the reader!

What I really liked:

The layout of the book is very organized and helpful.

After a brief introduction to the Cleveland area, author Douglas Trattner, presents location maps with the city divided into sections such as Downtown, Lakewood, Greater Cleveland, etc. From this point, he branches the book into seven sections; Restaurants, Art and Culture, Sports and Activities, Shops, Hotels. He also gives ideas of what to do beyond the city in the section titled, Excursions from Cleveland, which takes you about an hour beyond the borders of the city.  Each section begins with Highlights, a brief synopsis of the gems in each category.

A shaded tab along the side of the page allows the reader to easily flip through the book to locate what he wants to find. Under each section heading, is the location taken from the maps. So, for instance, if the reader wants to find a restaurant in downtown Cleveland, flipping through the book to that subject, he will quickly locate the area in the same way. Make sense?

That in itself would make the book an adequate travel book. But here is where it gets fun.

The Background section gives you some history of the city while the Getting Around section offers some tips for travelers. A Resource section is available for those enamored with Cleveland who’d like to study up a bit more before their trip.

He shows the heart and soul of his city- humorously, realistically, frankly.

It actually reads like a good book, with insights about each place from a true local’s viewpoint. This book is like having your own tour guide who really wants to convey, not just nice descriptive words about each place- but desires to give you a clear picture of what Cleveland has to offer.

There are also highlighted or shaded sections that give a true insider’s take on the history, character, or unique facts known only to Clevelanders.

It’s like the author is letting us in on secrets about the city that brings it to life.

This guide leaves you wanting to visit Cleveland, with a different kind of respect. In his words, “Cleveland may not be the richest town in terms of wealth, but when it comes to things that really matter, the town is one of the most prosperous towns in the Midwest.”

If you’re ready to plan a trip to Cleveland, this guide will offer tips and suggestions that allow you to experience the heart and the soul of the Rock ‘n Roll City.

What I didn’t like:

I can’t really say that I didn’t like it, but I would LOVE if this book would have suggested ages by the attraction recommendations. Some attractions are a no brainer- parents will have an idea if the outing will appeal to their kids, but others are iffy. That said, this is not written as a specific family travel guide, though you can certainly plan wonderful family outings following the suggestions and recommendations.

Now, how soon can I plan a trip to Cleveland?

The book retails for $17.99, but you can purchase a paperback version of this book for less or check the Kindle version of this Cleveland travel guide before you plan your trip to Cleveland. 

I was provided a copy of this book to facilitate my review. Protection Status
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