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Celebrating Nature in Niagara

Celebrating Nature in Niagara Canada

If activities revolving around nature are something that you enjoy during your vacations, then Niagara County is a fantastic place to stay. I’ve visited in the past and enjoyed a stay in a wonderful four star Niagara Falls hotel which was ideally positioned for making the most of nature in this beautiful area. My husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy some great days out that allowed us to celebrate nature in Niagara.

Niagara Falls

Situated on the border between Canada and the United States of America, Niagara Falls consists of three spectacular waterfalls and is one of the best-known natural phenomenon’s in the world. The waterfalls can be viewed from several levels and there is also the option to take part in some fun and daring outdoor pursuits. Popular activities include white water rafting, fishing, bungee jumping and the White Water Walk. A guided tour or boat trip is the best way to learn about the history, natural habitat and geology of the waterfalls, river and the surrounding area.

Niagara Glen Nature Centre

The centre overlooks the Niagara River. Much of the focus of the centre is species that are at risk of endangerment and plant conservation. A trip here is an educational, interactive and fun day out for couples or one the entire family may enjoy. Visitors will learn about species native to Canada and the factors that are affecting their populations and what steps can be taken to prevent their destruction. You will also find a shop boasting hand-crafted items and works of art, so it is a great place to pick up a unique souvenir of your stay in Niagara.

Outdoor activities at Niagara Parks

When you visit Niagara Parks, you get to appreciate nature and also participate in some fun outdoor  activities. Niagara Parks offers hiking, bird-watching, cycling and geocaching. The latter is a technologically advanced form of treasure hunting where caches are searched for using satellite navigation devices. There are planned routes to follow for each of these activities and guided tours are available.  This is a good option for those who want to find out more about local nature and conservation. Throughout Niagara Parks, you will find activities to fit a variety of ages to suit each member you are traveling with.

Marineland of Canada

Anyone who has a particular interest in marine life will love this attraction and it will also appeal to animal lovers in general. Not only are there species native to the waters surrounding Canada, there is also exotic marine life from around the world. In spite of the name, you will also see deer, elk, bears and buffalo at this attraction.

Botanical Gardens

Visitors to Niagara who are more interested in flora than fauna should consider spending a day at the Botanical Gardens. Just ten minutes drive north of Niagara Falls, these stunning gardens boast acres of beautifully maintained and landscaped gardens. In addition, this attraction is home to the Butterfly Conservatory. Visitors can also take horse and carriage tours around the gardens.

With so many attractions focused on nature and the outdoors, celebrating nature in Niagara couldn’t be easier. You’ll find plenty of attractions to choose from and there is an activity for everyone regardless of age, ability or personal preference.

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