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How to Choose the Perfect Luggage for Your Next Trip

How to Choose the Right Luggage for your Next Trip

You have planned your next trip down to the smallest detail. You thought of everything. You chose the perfect hotel with all the amenities you desire. You landed the perfect rental car. You even booked all the right activities to ensure that this vacation will be one to remember.

But did you consider your luggage? In what are you going to pack all your valuable stuff? Luggage is not just a convenient container for transporting your belongings. There is more to luggage than meets the eye. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect luggage for your next trip:

Fashionable Luggage

Everything you wear, carry or use in a public setting says something about you. We use words like fashion and style as a sort of shorthand for many things that are deeply important in social and cultural settings to express our individuality. If someone other than yourself can see it, then it makes a fashion statement, and in many circles, fashion matters.

Let’s think about it. As you prepare for your next trip, do you envision yourself walking through the airport with a stylish, well-built bag or a lumpy, ratty piece of canvas that barely passes for a piece of luggage? People make assumptions about you based solely on the fashions you wear and carry and I’m not one to make an appearance with luggage that is duct-taped together.

For the best impressions, try carrying higher-end products. Hartmann luggage is one example of what occupies the upper tier of this category. Luggage in this range is not just about looks. To be in this range, luggage must be:

…durable, convenient and long-lasting, so you know you’ll never find yourself on vacation with a broken zipper or ripped suitcase.

At this level, you should expect a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. This is the type of guarantee you are looking for in any luxury brand. When style matters, choose a brand that matches yours.

Protective Luggage

Today’s travelers are carrying more than just a change of clothes and a travel-sized toothbrush. They are carrying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of personal electronics gear.  As a travel blogger, when I travel, I often need to pack my laptop, tablet, camera, Mophie chargers and iPhone.

A great laptop can run hundreds of dollars. Upgrade to the MacBook Air and that purchase can set you back a thousand or more dollars. An entry-level DSLR and lens can cost close to a thousand. Upgrade your lens and it can easily cost more than the camera body. The new potentially bendable iPhone 6+ that won’t even fit in your pocket costs upwards of $950. Do I need to include the price of portable gaming and GoPro’s when my family travels with me?
It is not sufficient to wrap these items up in a t-shirt and call it a day. Your luggage is never handled with care. Even carry-ons are subject to bumps and rough handling. If you travel with your favorite electronics, you need luggage that will protect your delicate electronics.

Ergonomic Luggage

The last thing you need headed into a vacation or business trip is additional back and neck pain resulting from schlepping around luggage that was not made with ergonomic safety in mind. Single-strap backpacks and duffels are major culprits.

The single most ergonomic upgrade you can take is to make sure all of your luggage, including duffels, have wheels. Even so, wheels do not guarantee easy travel in all situations. Going up and down steps will necessitate that you pick up your bag and carry it for a short time.

Selecting the right luggage means finding luggage that says the right things about you as a traveler, protects your delicate gear, and doesn’t leave you feeling more battered than you did before your trip.

Carole P. Parham

Tuesday 2nd of December 2014

Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel is light weighted deisgn in a way that it can occupy more space. awesome. I over-packed and this bag still fit all my clothes from 3 pair of shoes 5 shorts, 2 pants, about 12 Tshirts and other accessories. Protection Status
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