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Driving a Nissan Altima

I rent cars quite a bit. When we traveled with my husbands’ job, we often drove his work vehicle so if I wanted to go anywhere, it was up to me to rent a car. I actually like driving a different car every now and then. I’ve discovered some cars I would love to have, like the VW Bug I drove solo to Colorado for a blogging convention, or the Chevy Impala that had the oh-so-roomy backseat for the kids.

I’ve also driven a few that I couldn’t wait to get out of, like the Chevy Aveo that we drove to Alabama a few months back. Talk about uncomfortable. My rear end still hurts every time I pass by one on the Interstate.

Nissan Altima

Recently, I rented a Nissan Altima. I liked it right away. It was sharp, roomy, and COMFORTABLE. But you can’t take my word for it.  The real test comes from my long-legged critics who had to sit in the backseat.

Leg room in the backseat of the Nissan Altima

They didn’t complain once. In fact, they even managed to get so comfortable that they fell asleep on our drive! Just take my word for it when I say that is not an easy feat for each of my boys who are both over 6’ tall!

My favorite aspect of the Nissan Altima was actually the push button start. That was just too much fun for me. I amuse easily, what can I say?  I also like that the dash displayed how many miles I was likely to get from a tank of gas and counts down, letting me know how much further I could drive before I’d need to stop and refuel. In this case a fill-up equaled nearly 600 miles!

Nissan Altima push button start

I didn’t check the trunk space since we only rented the car for a day trip, but since it was so good on gas, I’m thinking that perhaps I could make do without a huge SUV and drive something a little smaller. Just think, the more money I can save on gas, the more places I can afford to drive to. In theory anyway.

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