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When you Fall in the Hotel Parking Lot

When you FallTraveling across the country during the middle of winter can be a bit of a harrowing experience. Especially with winter storm warnings circulating on the radio and TV channels. And of course, the meteorologist can’t simply offer what they believe will be an accurate account of the weather, they have to try to scare everyone with words like, “This storm may affect hundreds of thousands of people.” You know, because no one in the Midwest has ever experienced a snow storm before.

Before we set out to Colorado, I insisted that we rent a four-wheel drive vehicle. I was afraid we’d get buried in a blizzard or careen off a mountainous cliff. All half-kidding aside, my biggest fear on our journey was that we’d get stuck along the interstate and not make it to our destination. So, I made sure we had pillows, blankets, snacks and water with us.

Though the roads were clear during most of our route, we did run into one storm that left quite a bit of ice in its wake. My husband was happy to have the four-wheel drive then. But our problems weren’t on the road, it turned out, our problems were after we stopped for the night when my husband took a pretty hard fall in the hotel parking lot. So what is a traveler to do when this happens?

Assess your injuries.

Thankfully, my husband did not hit his head, but he took a hard fall which really jarred him. 30 minutes after the fall, he still felt as though he couldn’t breathe. So I found an urgent care, confirmed they were open, and set off. They checked my husband’s vitals and ordered an x-ray. Thankfully, nothing was broken, but they did tell us they tell us to expect him to be really sore for the next few days.

Notify the front desk.

There were signs plastered all over the hotel to be careful of the parking lot, but honestly, I think more could have been done. I alerted the front desk to let them know they should throw out some salt before someone else fell. I don’t think they took me seriously.

Take photos or video of the conditions if you think you’ll need them and contact a lawyer.

My husband was not seriously injured and our medical expenses only amounted to a couple hundred dollars, but had he hit his head, or broken a rib, it could have been so much worse. The site offers the best general and accident injury attorneys you can find in the Colorado area. It’s good to know there are reputable lawyers in the event you would need one.

I’m thankful that we were able to continue on our road trip with no further accidents- and other than being extremely sore for much of the time we spent in Colorado, my husband has no lasting effects. He may not have been able to ski, but then he wasn’t planning on that anyway.

Have you ever experienced an issue like this when you’ve traveled?

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