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Family Travel Tips from Best Buy

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Not only am I a firm proponent for family travel, I’m also a cheerleader for road trips. I know there are those who abhor traveling in their vehicle for any extended length of time if it’s not absolutely necessary, but I enjoy packing up my vehicle and taking my time driving from Point A to Point B.


One reason I love to travel via road trips is because rather than think of a road trip as being trapped in a car for hours upon hours, I think of it as an opportunity to bond with my family. Some of the best conversations we’ve had have been during a road trip. We’ve sung at the top of our lungs- off key, we’ve decorated our car and we’ve listened to some of our favorite books on tape all during road trips. We’ve laughed until our bellies hurt and we’ve shed a few tears, all on a road trip. But even those less than ideal moments, have shaped the travelers that my family, and kids are today. As a mom with grown children, my kids are now branching off and traveling on their own. I love that they want to continue to explore the world we live in- that they have their own stories to tell. I love seeing the laughter in their eyes as they tell me about the half gallon of milk they lost in the rental car, only to have it explode under the seat and the horrendous smell that led them to find it.


In the old days, when I was a kid, traveling by car was immensely boring. I remember long drives in the back on my grandparent’s trunk seated under the cab (yep- no seat belts). Sure, I’d play Mad Libs until I got bored. Sometimes I’d read a book. And if I was really lucky, I would find some batteries for my Walkman that were actually charged so I could get my jam on.

Those days are long gone, technology has come a long way. I can type blog posts from the front seat, my husband can take phone calls and my kids can share their adventures in real-time, to the envy of all their friends.


Best Buy knows how important it is to marry the love of travel with the love of all things technology and have created some Family Travel Tips to show you how easily you can enhance your next vacation with a bit of technology. Yes, now more than ever the two go hand in hand. You’ll find tips for staying connected, to watching movies in the middle of nowhere, to VOD for you to incorporate in your family travels.

I love all the tips, but one really stood out to me- a Photo Scavenger Hunt. I remember the first time I bought cameras for my kids to use on a trip. We were heading to the Statue of Liberty and I expected to find lots of photos of Lady Liberty when I had their photos developed. Yes, you read that right that was before the digital age. I was stunned when I saw their photos. Their envelopes of developed film were filled with images of their siblings inside the car or the vehicles beside us as we were stuck in traffic. It was crazy. Why not hand your child a camera with some specific guidelines or items they need to find? Kind of like an i Spy game on steroids. And the scavenger hunt could change based on your location and destination. You could even have themes based on your child’s interests.

With new digital cameras, it’s easy to give your child a camera and turn them loose on vacation or your next getaway. And you don’t need to print the photos to see if they turned out. Seeing your road trip through the eyes of your child is important. You’ll learn what’s important to them, what they think is cool, what they think is funny and even what they think is gross and nasty. You may even discover that your child has a knack for photography.

What ways has technology improved the way you travel? Share your experience and glean some Family Travel Tips from Best Buy.  

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted

Thursday 22nd of October 2015

We live in New England so it only takes a few hours to go on a journey in a new state! We love to travel as a family when we go and it's always helpful when we all have things that can occupy the time!


Wednesday 14th of October 2015

Great tips! Family trips are the best my boys love to snap pictures for me so I can use for the blog. I

Shell Feis

Monday 5th of October 2015

I have done a LOT of traveling this week {a four-day trip by myself and then a two-day road trip with my family} so while I don't even want to think about leaving home again for awhile, you're absolutely right! We always bond a lot while we are stuck in the car together and it makes us closer as a family.


Monday 5th of October 2015

My kids always referred to our travel time as our "talking" time. They were right- we covered a lot of ground during those car rides. Protection Status
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