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What You Need to Know when You’ve Gotta Go Van Camping

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Did you know Murphy’s Law applies to vacations too? Yep. We’re told that anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and I admit I’ve had my share of snafu’s through the years. Today, I’m getting brutally honest and sharing some that I’ve experienced in this post sponsored by DiaResQ®.

Help for when you're traveling with an upset tummy.

We all have our share of travel gone wrong stories. Am I right?

Cockroaches in your honeymoon suite.

Delayed, cancelled or missed flights.

Tire blowouts in the middle of nowhere.

These are just a handful of problems I have encountered while traveling.

Luckily, most of us are able to laugh off the experience down the road, no matter how frustrating it may have been at the time.

As a bonus, those travel pains make great stories to tell our friends and family when the vacation is over.

Sometimes our travel woes aren’t as extreme as getting pick pocketed in Mexico City. Sometimes, we deal with minor health issues.

A common cold.

Irritating allergies.

And even upset tummies that lead to the dreaded “D” word.


While not life-threatening, these problems can all be irritating and uncomfortable. They may slow us down or prohibit us from doing what we want to do when on vacation.

Van camping on Jekyll Island in Georgia

I recently experienced this when van camping with my husband from Ohio to Florida and believe me when I say it was no laughing matter.

The Mercer House in Savannah is the setting for the novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

We started with a beautiful day in Savannah. We hopped on a trolley to take us around the city and enjoyed seeing the different squares and toured the Mercer House, as mentioned in the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Forsyth Fountain in Savannah

We strolled through Forsyth Park and decided to grab a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants.

The food was incredible. If you ever have the chance to eat chicken and waffles in the south, I highly recommend it.

Chicken and waffles are a delicacy in the south.

We were having a great day until we were headed out of town and drove through the Bonaventure Cemetery. That’s when the first gurgling in my tummy started.

Followed by another.

And another.

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

Then I knew. As much as I had been looking forward to snapping some great photos of the cemetery, I was going to need a restroom and soon.

We made a hasty exit and I started to feel a bit better as the gurgling subsided. I assured my husband, who was driving that we could hop on the Interstate and continue on.

I was too hasty.

About the time he merged on the highway in rush hour traffic, the gurgling started again.

I started to panic.

Not feeling well

Now, let me tell you about the toilet situation when van camping.

Van camping is comfortable, and ours was pretty impressive, but it lacks one thing- a bathroom.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

We had a makeshift, in a pinch, toilet made with a bucket, trash bags and kitty litter but it was strictly for #1 only and intended for nighttime use.

The bucket was not intended for #2.

Not to mention, I may pee in front of my husband but in 28 years he has never witnessed such an event and I wasn’t about to start. There are some things that are simply better done in private.

I knew that I could not spend the night in a parking lot with our poddy bucket as the only restroom available to me.

The van camping potty to be used in a pinch.

Or at a campground where the restrooms were a bit of a walk away in the middle of the night.

I convinced my husband that the only option was to stay at a hotel for the evening. He agreed.

And we were so disappointed.

Not only was I now suffering from diarrhea but the hotel that we stopped at wasn’t the cleanest property we have ever stayed at. But at this time, I wasn’t in the mood to pack up and head elsewhere.

While I had packed our First Aid kit with pain killer, allergy relief, cream for poison ivy and treatments for insect bites, I had neglected the one thing that I really could have used at that very moment- DiaResQ. 

Intended for relief from diarrhea, DiaResQ restores normal functions quickly. It’s drug and antibiotic free and safe for the entire family (anyone over the age of one can take DiaResQ safely) and readily available at Walmart, CVS and other retailers. You’ll also find it on Amazon if you prefer to shop online.

All was not lost. My husband picked up a travel guide for Georgia at the hotel where we found an article about Jekyll Island. It turns out our detour took us near the island. We couldn’t resist a trip and Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island became our favorite part of our van camping trip.
Feeling back to my normal self.

I guess getting diarrhea turned out to be a blessing in disguise, but I’d rather not relive the experience.

Next time I feel diarrhea is about to strike, I’ll be prepared with DiaResQ which is now in my “must-have” First Aid kit.
AD Travel is full of unexpected surprises. Some good. Some bad. While vacation is never a fun time to experience diarrhea, DiaResQ can get you back to feeling like yourself in no time. #traveltips

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DiaResQ.


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