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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep when Traveling

Tips to get a good nights sleep when traveling“I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Nearly 4 million Americans suffer from insomnia on a regular basis. Surprisingly, many people with this condition can fall asleep but have difficulty staying asleep. Nearly 72% of Americans who suffer from insomnia miss up to three weeks of sleep per year. Wow.  That makes me tired just thinking about it.

I’ve always been a night owl. It’s common for me to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. And though I often fall asleep exhausted, I normally wake up a short time later and toss and turn until morning.  This happens at home and on the road though I do have a few tips that help me when I’m traveling. Let’s face it- when you’re road tripping, the last thing you want is to get out of bed in the morning and feel like you haven’t had any sleep.

How to get a Good Night’s Sleep when Traveling

  1. Read hotel reviews.

This one may seem a bit odd but bear with me. When I book a room, I almost always read the reviews on TripAdvisor. I learn if the hotel is clean, if the breakfast is worth sticking around for, if the staff is friendly and if the walls are as thin as paper. Since I often travel solo, if I come across a review where the reviewer didn’t feel safe, I automatically dismiss that hotel. There’s no way I’m going to be able to get a good night’s sleep if safety is an issue.

  1. Take your own bedding.

This tip may seem a bit overkill for some and won’t work if you’re flying, but for years I traveled with my goose down comforter and pillow. I’m always more comfortable when I’m surrounded by something familiar.

  1. When Booking a Hotel Room, Consider the Location of the Room.

I know from experience that some rooms in a hotel are noisier than others. When booking a room or checking in, ask for a room away from the pool, lounge, elevator, stairs or dumpsters (think early morning wake-up on this one). These are generally quieter than rooms near the hustle and bustle of hotel guests.

  1. Put your white noise app, ear plugs and/or eye mask to work for you.

I’m not comfortable sleeping with ear plugs, but my white noise app blocks out all those little sounds that I don’t want to hear and since I use it at home, its familiarity helps me to fall asleep faster.

  1. Don’t eat a heavy meal right before bed forgo the night cap.

If you must eat before going to sleep, try to have a light snack. Your body won’t have to work as hard to digest it, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Take a warm bath before bed to help you relax. 
  1. If you have any issues with your room, make sure they are remedied before you attempt to fall asleep.

It may be easy to think you can suffer through a noisy air conditioner or neighbors that won’t quiet down. If there is an issue with the room that can’t be easily resolved, request to be moved to another room where you can get a good night’s sleep.

  1. If you suffer from recurring insomnia or sleep-related issues, talk to your doctor.   

A good night’s sleep is critical for immune function, memory and other vital functions that keep our bodies going strong day after day. When I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I wake up grumpy and in a fog. In fact, you probably don’t want to be around me on those days until I “wake up”.

Though 62% of American’s have symptoms of insomnia, only 20% believe they have insomnia and many have not sought a diagnosis from a doctor. Treatment options are available. Talk to your doctor about your routine, lifestyle and symptoms. This infographic explains things a bit better than I can.

America Insomnia Nation Infographic

Click on the photo for a larger view.

If you want to learn more about the importance of getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep, visit

What tips do you have for getting a good night’s sleep when you travel?

Suzanne Holt

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Although I have brought my own pillow on occasion, I would have never thought of traveling with my own comforter. I also did not know about the white noise app - good idea. Thanks for the tips!


Sunday 9th of August 2015

I love the white noise app and I'm lost without it. The nice thing about road tripping is it allows us to pack our comforts from home. :) I pack my comforter in a Space Bag so it takes up less space. Works wonderfully. Happy travels! Protection Status
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