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Keeping your Dog Safe on the Road with Safe Glow Dog Collars

Vincent wearing the Safe Glow Dog Collar

Vincent modeling his brand new Safe Glow Dog Collar.

Meet Vincent.

He is our nearly four year old beagle-mix, rescued pound puppy.

My kids had wanted a puppy for years but our traveling lifestyle was less than ideal so we repeatedly told them no. When we thought our full-time traveling days were over, we consented. We instantly fell in love him and he became a great fit for our family.

Three months after adopting him, we found out that we were hitting the road once again. We didn’t know what to do with Vincent. We didn’t want to give him away, but we didn’t know anyone that could keep him for us either. We decided we would give traveling with him a try, which was a new experience for us.

It turns out that traveling with a dog wasn’t a terrible adjustment after all. We’ve been packing him up and traveling with him ever since.

As much fun as it’s been to take him along on road trips, there have been a few times that I’ve really worried about him.

Like the night he ran out of the hotel room into a not very well lit parking lot with cars pulling in and he nearly got ran over.

Or once when we were staying in our camper and he managed to slide out of his collar, escape out the door, and tear off across the parking lot at dusk. We barely found him and only after our eyes adjusted to the low light at dusk.

It was times like that when it would have given me peace of mind to have a Safe Glow Dog Collar around Vincent’s neck.

The Safe Glow Dog Collar is constructed of a wear resistant nylon that houses a flexible, light-transmitting polymer core that illuminates when the collar is turned on. The collar has three settings, a durable clasp and a reflective stripe that adds an additional safety component and it’s powered by a efficient 100,000 hour LED bulb.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks reviewing this product with Vincent and honestly, at first, I was a bit skeptical of the $29.95 price tag. I’ve never paid that much for a collar before. But last weekend, as we sat outside at our country home trying to watch an outdoor movie,  I realized that Vincent was running around our yard in the pitch black darkness. Just when I began to panic, I saw a blue flash omitting from his collar from across the yard. I learned that my peace of mind is worth $29.95.

Vincent running around with the Safe Glow Dog Collar

Vincent running around the yard with the Safe Glow Dog Collar on slow flash. 

Pro’s of the Safe Glow Dog Collar

  • Pet safety. This collar is perfect for a dark night when your pet is running around the yard, or when you’re taking your daily walk at dawn or dusk.
  • I love that the collar can be set on one of three different settings- steady glow, slow flash and fast flash.
  • The battery that powers the collar has a long-life.

    Con’s of the Safe Glow Dog Collar

  • The collar is weather resistant, but not completely waterproof. Vincent has been outside in a light drizzle and he actually played in the creek with his collar on and it didn’t appear to affect the functionality at all.
  • The collar seems to loosen up after a bit when Vincent tugs on his leash. I adjusted it and sewed it together so it wouldn’t slide and loosen up anymore.

Ordering Information

Safe Glow Dog Collar

  • The Safe Glow Dog Collar is available in your choice of red or blue.
  •  A sizing chart is available to help you select the proper size needed for your pet.
  •  The Safe Glow Dog Collars can be ordered at the sale price of $24.95 with free 3 Day UPS shipping via the dog training collars website.
  •  Questions? Call 1-888-936-4349 7 Days a week, 8-7 EST or send an email to

Do you travel with your dog? What are some ways that you keep your pet safe while on the road?

Disclaimer: I received a Safe Glow Dog Collar for the purpose of reviewing it with Vincent in exchange for sharing my honest opinions. Protection Status
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