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Make a Date with your Teenage Son

Note: This is a sponsored post, but as a mom with two teenage boys’ that I maintain a close relationship with, I thought this post offers some great tips for moms of teens. 

 make a date with your teenage son

Remember the days when your son used to crawl into your lap for snuggling? Those days are in the past and now you’re lucky just to get a hug or kiss before he’s out the door. When was the last time you spent a little one-on-one with your son that didn’t involve homework, chores, or reprimands?

Studies show that 33% of parents say they don’t have enough time with their children. As a parent it is up to you to make the time. Planning at least one day a month for strictly one-on-one time together with your son will go a long way to growing the relationship. You don’t have that many years before he’s gone so take advantage of the time you have left.

Here are a few fun ideas for a mom and son day of adventure and bonding:

Ready, Set, Action

It’s no secret most boys love shoot’em up action movies. Have you watched on together lately? Probably not, so why not grab those coupon codes for Fandango and find a movie (or two) you know he will love.

Read up on it so you have some idea of what you are in for, bonus points if you can talk about the context or actors without sounding like a fuddy-duddy. If you hate it, don’t say so. Instead find something positive to say about it when it’s over.

Spy Kids

Remember the movie Spy Kids? Well, today’s gadgetry has come a long way! Look for some Spy Shop 911 coupons and head out together to investigate some hi-tech spy gadgets. Does he have a sister (or brother) he’d want to eavesdrop on? Keep this in mind before you approve a purchase.

Study up on famous spies before your outing so you have something relevant to talk about along the way.

Score Big With Sports

If there is a semi-pro or pro sports team in your area, get tickets and have a mom/son game day. Buy a couple game shirts, pack a great cooler for the tailgate, and make sure your phone is charged so you can take lots of pictures, better yet, bring a real camera!

If you have to drive a distance to where the stadium is, see what other things are in the area to do. If you find anything interesting adjust your schedule to accommodate it while you are there.

Shopping for His Girl

If your son has a girlfriend chances are he’d like to get her a gift, but either doesn’t have the money or is at a loss as to what would be a good choice. Since moms are girls and have some spare cash in their wallets who better to take him to find the perfect gift?

If you don’t approve of his choice in girls now probably isn’t the time to mention it. There are a lot of things you can do to help create a healthy relationship between you and your son and dumping on his gal pal isn’t one of them.

No matter what you decide to do together, make it fun! Remember, his time is valuable too and at his age if he’s willing to spend it with you, you’re a lucky mom and that’s just love in the bank.

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Jamie @ Roubinek Reality

Wednesday 29th of May 2013

These are such great ideas! It's hard to think of ways to connect with the teens, but it's crucial for your relationship in such an important time of their life.


Thursday 30th of May 2013

I couldn't agree more.


Friday 17th of May 2013

Great ideas.. I don't call them dates, but my boys are always game for lunch out. :-)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

Wednesday 15th of May 2013

It's so important, especially at that age to keep 'em close!


Wednesday 15th of May 2013

My boys are still my cuddle bug but I hope to be able to keep them close like that.

Jennifer Sikora

Friday 10th of May 2013

I totally need to do this with my son. He is 18 now and I don't think we have ever just been on a date with just the two of us.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Saturday 11th of May 2013

Jen, I've not done this nearly as often as I had hoped. It would have been ideal when they were little but it's never too late. My kids' travel with me. I've have one trip with each of them so far and it's been wonderful. You won't regret that time you spend with him. Protection Status
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