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Motor Home Makeover: Phase Three

Well, last week I shared with you the colors that I was planning to use in my makeover. I was also planning to upload a few pics of my current project- covering the dinette cushions- but the power adapter on my computer died and I never had the chance.

So…wanna peak? Here’s a BEFORE pic:

And now…drum roll please…after spending two entire afternoons so far…half of my dinette is finished. Here’s an AFTER pic:

So…what do you think?

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Maggie Widell

Friday 8th of June 2012

We just bought a class c 1983 Ford Brougham. So excited. We plan a trip to TN next summer so we have time to do it over inside. I can't wait to get started. Ripping out the carpet is a really good idea. I hate carpet. Have none in the house, dogs. Anyway I love your tips. Thankyou.


Friday 8th of June 2012

Ripping the carpet out of our camper was the best update we made. It was much cleaner and modern looking (especially with an older model camper). The only drawback is that we stayed in our camper over a winter and the carpet would have kept it just a wee bit warmer. Still, an extra blanket or two in the winter was worth putting our own stamp on the interior.

I'm so excited for you about your trip to Tennessee next summer. Tennessee is such a beautiful state! We've always enjoyed our time there. My husband and I are beginning to dream of another RV trip- it's such a convenient way to travel.

Adori Graphics

Wednesday 30th of December 2009

it's looking great!


Wednesday 30th of December 2009

I love the material! It looks fantastic!

little castle

Wednesday 30th of December 2009

I love it! You did good!


Wednesday 30th of December 2009

looks Amazing! :) Protection Status
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