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Is this your first visit to The Traveling Praters? Allow me to give you a bit of a tour to help you find your way around. If you’re looking for the latest posts on the site, click the round button that says “Blog”. It will take you to my blog page where you’ll find all my content.

If you’d like to know a bit more before proceeding, read on.

I’ll introduce myself. My name is Tonya. I’m the owner/editor here at The Traveling Prater’s and my daughter, Chelsea, joins me on occasion to write about some of her adventures. This site started as a family travel site while my husband and I homeschooled our kids and traveled with our job so while I’m transitioning the site to one for empty nesters, you’ll still find relevant posts for traveling with kids.

Here are some examples:

35 Things to do in NYC
10 Tips to Keeping the Peace when Traveling with Teens
35 Things to do in New York City with Teens
Our Poopy Road Trip– because travel doesn’t always go smoothly. Can you relate?

If you’d like to learn more about me and my family, you can read more about us on my About Me and About My Family pages.

My husband and I spend a lot of time traveling throughout Ohio and the US. You’ll find some of those posts here:

Things to do in Ohio
100’s of Things to do in Ohio
What to do in Yellowstone National Park if you only have One Day
Why the Hyatt Regency may be the Best Place to Stay in Chicago

Roadside Attractions
And we love covered bridges, roadside attractions and historic home and attraction tours.

If you’re looking for ideas on a particular state, you may want to check out my Destinations page where you’ll find posts listed by state.

I also write about some of my favorite products, offer easy photography tips and offer tips for cooking in a hotel room.

Have a question, comment, or would like to learn how your destination or product can appear here on The Traveling Prater’s? Shoot me a message at Protection Status
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