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The Benefits of NOT Traveling with Kids, According to my Teenagers

Are there benefits of not traveling with kids? According to my teenagers, that answer would be a resounding, YES!!!

My kids hate to travel. Or so they say. They act like our 18 month RV adventure was the most torturous event of their lives. While I agree that it didn’t turn out quite how my husband and I had envisioned, it was still a worthwhile event with tons of wonderful (and a few not so great) memories. One I would love to repeat…under different circumstances, of course.

Now when I’m planning a trip, our conversations usually go something like this:

“Your dad wants to go away this weekend. Do you have a suggestion of where to go?”

Chelsea: “UH…I don’t want to go anywhere. Why can’t we just stay home?”

Joshua: “I don’t know. Didn’t we just go someplace not long ago?”

Nickolaus: “You guys can go. I think I’ll stay home.”    At this point, upon hearing his reply, the other two chime back in.

Chelsea: “Yeah, you and dad go. Why do you always want us to go anyway, that’s not healthy! Parents’ need some alone time away from their teenagers.”

Joshua: “Yeah, you can have a date weekend.”

And they continue to throw out reasons why it’s good for parents’ to have alone time.

Here are the benefits of not traveling with kids, according to my teenagers.

– It’s cheaper, because teenagers eat a lot.

– We can do the boring stuff that the teenagers don’t want to do.

– We can talk about things we can’t talk about in front of them. Says my daughter (“What would they have to say that they can’t say in front of us? Duh.”)

– We could “do other stuff” because Lord knows you can’t “do that stuff” in a house with three teenagers, that would just be gross, says the teenagers.

– Finally, the teenagers can stay home and party. Or so they think. The party usually consists of them calling all their friends who are busy, so it ends up being the three of them, at home, watching movies, eating junk food, sneaking the dog inside and sleeping until two in the afternoon. The kids are pretty trustworthy so surprisingly, when my husband and I are away, we don’t worry about them or the house too much.

This past weekend, my husband and I did have a date. We didn’t plan an overnight getaway, just a Sunday afternoon to tour an historic estate. We ended up on the tour with one other person, a mom, who had left her teenagers at home too. Is this just a teenager thing?

I’ve realized that my kids do LOVE to travel but in order to do so and for them to get excited about it, I have to keep a few points in mind as I carefully select the destination. House tours, museum tours and art galleries typically don’t thrill them anymore. Now they want to go on a cruise (to anywhere), hang out at Cedar Point Amusement Park, or drive around the track at Mid-Ohio. And since our trip to Seattle, they now insist that we fly instead of drive. Flying is much more convenient for them, after all. *smile*

So, if you love to travel, are your teenagers still excited to travel with you?

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Sunday 11th of November 2012

Mike and I had to learn how to enjoy time away - just the two of us.. We miss having little kids.. so full of wonder and enthusiasm and are making plans for what we'll do with grandkids.

Author Aileen Stewart

Monday 22nd of October 2012

That's just too funny Tonya. My only child, Emily age seven, wants to go with us but our problem is every ten minutes she wants to know if we are almost there yet :0) On the trip we took to Amish country this past weekend you would have thought it was a ten hour trip instead of a one hour trip to reach our destination.


Friday 19th of October 2012

Yes, it is just a teen thing. I still remember once when my teens stayed behind and my SIL asked where they were when we arrived at our mutual destination. I told her they stayed behind. She asked why. I said because it is really boring here (a place they had never even been to). She didn't catch what I was saying and started telling me how not boring it was there. I just laughed and explained that they are teens. It is *always* boring if I want to go there. I truly think she just thought it was my teens and said she didn't think her kid would do that as a teen. Guess who is a teen now and does just that? ;p Protection Status
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