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Travel Tip: Glean Wisdom from those who have Gone Before You

When I’m traveling, I love to talk to someone who has already been to the area that I’m planning to visit. I want opinions from someone who has been there and hear what they think when it comes to attractions to visit, what to avoid, where to eat, where to sleep. You name it, I want to know about it. That’s why when one of my friends from Families on the Road offered to give me information about San Antonio, I took her up on the offer and gave her a call. Since Melissa’s family has spent several months in Texas exploring the area, I knew she would be just the person I needed to talk to and she was very helpful! I can’t wait to put her tips in action. In the meantime, you can head over to her blog read all about their adventures at Discovering US.

I was fortunate to talk to Melissa. She gave me a ton of information and I took pages of notes, but what if you don’t know anyone who has traveled where you are headed? Well, that’s pretty easy too. Call the Chamber of Commerce. Explain to them what you are interested in and they should be able to give you a couple good tips. You can also stop in at a Visitor’s Center or ask the campground, hotel personnel or Walmart employee for tips. Really, just ask anyone what they enjoy doing in the area or what their favorite restaurant is. You’ll find that most people are very accommodating. We’ve gotten some of our best tips ever by asking the locals what they suggest.

Of course you can do research online and read reviews, but sometimes it’s nice just to hear what a real person has to say.

When you are heading out of town, do you research your destination? What sources do you use?


Wednesday 24th of February 2010

Tonya,It was great talking to you. In my opinion, you were more helpful to me than I could have been to you. I hope your trip to San Antonio is enjoyable. Call anytime.


Wednesday 24th of February 2010

Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

If you need any more info on San Antonio...please let me know! That is where my husband and I are from!! My husband has lived there his whole life! What ever you all must go eat some Mexican food! It is the BEST in SA!


Adori Graphics

Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

We always just ask the locals as they tend to know the "hidden gems". Failing that we go to the hotel reception where there's usually staff who can recommend something as well as armfulls of leaflets about local attractions and restaurants. Generally we try to scope things out before we go. but sometimes the best trips are the ones where you didn't really plan anything and didn't have any expectations :) Protection Status
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