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Treasuring Inexpensive Souvenirs

Treasuring Inexpensive Souvenirs

When you go on vacation do you have a hard time saying No to purchasing all those neat items in the gift shops? Does it feel like all the items on the shelf are calling your name?  I know exactly how that feels which is why I’ve decided to share some of the FREE and inexpensive souvenirs that I’ve discovered and treasure from over the years.

1. Postcards

I love postcards. I even had a postcard collection when I was a child. I didn’t travel much, but my extended family members picked them up for me while they traveled. I was happy living vicariously through them. When I was a moody teenager I threw them all away. I regret that decision to this day.

2. Embroidered Patches

My kids began collecting embroidered patches when they began participating in Jr. Ranger programs through the National Park System. I liked their patches so much that I began my own collection. My kids have since given up the interest in collecting patches, but not me. I even bought a patch on our recent trip to the Lake Erie islands.

3. Smashed/Squished/Elongated Pennies

I love to smash pennies. I keep a stash of quarters and pennies in my purse for each trip. Some places even allow you to press quarters. I have a few of those as well.

4. Magnets

I’ve never collected magnets, but they are relatively inexpensive and you can find them just about everywhere!

5. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Why not reminisce over each trip that you’ve taken as you decorate your Christmas tree?

6. T-shirts

T-shirts may not be entirely inexpensive, but I’ve been known to pick one up a time or two. You can wear your t-shirt and when you’re sick of it, you can turn it into a pillow or make it part of a quilt.

7. Thimbles

You don’t hear of many people collecting thimbles these days, but they are still regularly offered for sale in touristy gift shops.

8. Currency

Do you travel to other countries? Save some of the currency you collect there. My kids have change from Canada and Mexico and one day hope to add to that collection.

9. Maps, Brochures and Ticket Stubs

You can normally find plenty of maps and brochures at no cost when you’re traveling. Don’t throw them away when the vacation is over, I even keep ticket stubs from attractions that we visit. I display them in journals, scrapbooks and collages in a decorative picture frame. This is one of my favorite souvenirs!

10. Rocks,Sea Shells and Sand

The things I find on vacation are often the things that I’m most fond of. I have boxes of seashells that the kids and I have collected on numerous trips to the ocean. Just make sure you’re permitted to collect natural items before they find their way into your pocket.

What inexpensive souvenirs do you collect on vacation?  

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Jess @UsedYorkCity

Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

I love to bring back a food that is local to wherever I'm visiting, and then when I come back from my travels gather with a few friends and have a mini dinner party, look at photos, and talk travel:-)


Tuesday 21st of August 2012

I try not to collect souvenirs on our travels, because it isn't my thing, but we always come home with lots of photos that I eventually use for a DVD slide show or photo album. My kids collect Jr Ranger badges at the national parks, which are free!

Andi at The Particular Traveler

Tuesday 21st of August 2012

Very cute list, Tonya! I love to collect coins, maps, and postcards from my travels. Although not quite as inexpensive, I also like to pick out notecards with art/photography from the area I'm traveling in, and I've also picked out charms for my bracelet in the past.


Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

How did I forget charms? I inherited my grandmother's charm bracelet and was just thinking that perhaps I should begin adding meaningful charms of my own. Of course I thought of travel charms! Thanks for the reminder!


Tuesday 21st of August 2012

Christmas ornaments are my favorite. I love reminiscing about where we have traveled and the fun we had. We also collect sand, money, stubs and t-shirts. I know also collect the labels that they put on the luggage when we fly.

Meghan Carver

Tuesday 21st of August 2012

We love to travel and have collected many of those things. We just recently started our children on collecting pencils. They're colorful and have the name of the place on them as well as pictures or facts. Of course, they never use them! We keep them in a special pencil cup. Thanks for the great post! Protection Status
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