Visiting museums is a great way to learn about destinations when you're traveling and/or to gain an interest in history for you or your children. 

Many times they are free or low cost so you can really stretch your travel dollars.

Things to do in Bowling Green, Ohio 1. Visit The Wood County Museum  2. Take a self-guided tour of the Wood County Courthouse 3. Visit the Carter Historic Farm

The Wood County  Museum was the county infirmary or poorhouse. Each of Ohio's 88 counties had one.

Inside you'll learn about the history of the area, poverty in Ohio and even view an exhibit with human remains - eek!

On the grounds, you can a tour the Pestilence House,  Insane Asylum and stroll through the Pauper's Cemetery. 

The Wood County Courthouse is stunning inside & out! Pick up a free brochure in the lobby for a self-guided tour.

The Carter Historic Farm is a Great Depression-era working and living farm.

Take a guided tour of the farmhouse, step inside the barn, walk to the on-site one-room schoolhouse and attend special events.

You can't touch the animals but you won't want to miss the daily 3:30 p.m. feeding.

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