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Get in the Holiday Spirit on your next Road Trip with the Christmas Car Tree

The Christmas Car Tree is the perfect accessory for your vehicle for winter road trips. 
The Christmas Car Tree- a perfect road trip accessory. #TakeChristmaswithYou

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Let’s talk about Christmas.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be excited for Christmas long before anyone else in the house.

I always beg my parents to let me put up our Christmas tree the very beginning of November. After 20 years, you’d think they would have caved by now. According to them, we can’t decorate for a holiday when we haven’t finished celebrating a holiday. In plain terms, that means we can’t begin to celebrate Christmas until we’ve finished celebrating Thanksgiving. This doesn’t make sense to me. That leaves only five weeks to have our tree up. In my opinion, that is definitely not enough time to enjoy it.

If it was completely up to me, the Christmas tree would stay up all year long. But since it isn’t up to me, it goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

BUT. Do you know what I do have control over? What goes on my car.

I’m sure you’ve see “car accessories” before. You know, eyelashes, lights, those gross testicle things you see hanging from trucks, things of that nature. One thing I’m sure you’ve not seen is the CHRISTMAS CAR TREE! I’m not usually someone who enjoys decorating my car which some people may perceive as a bit loser-ish, however, I can honestly say that I was very excited about being able to put up a Christmas tree when I wanted.

What is a Christmas Car Tree you ask?

Well, the Christmas Car Tree is a Christmas tree for the top of your car. This is THE perfect gift idea for Christmas fanatics. Think Clark Griswold or Buddy the Elf (I love him!). The tree comes complete with lights that turn on when plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter and the tree can fold down when you’re driving on the highway or interstate or parking in garages. It mounts right on the top of your car and straps down with provided straps for added stability. This is an asset for those who travel for Christmas or want to take the Christmas spirit wherever they go.

The Christmas Car Tree was delivered before I woke up on the day after Thanksgiving and I didn’t waste any time assembling the sucker and strapping it to my vehicle.

The Christmas Car Tree is delivered!

The Christmas Car Tree is delivered!

My brother was borrowing my car, so I had his Jeep for the weekend. At first I was concerned that the tree wouldn’t fit on the Jeep, but it fit perfectly with the adjustable straps, though I did think it looked a tad bit small on the larger vehicle.

Adjustable straps securely attach the Christmas Car Tree to the top of your car.

Adjustable straps securely attach the Christmas Car Tree to the top of your car.

The tree had arrived just in time for Black Friday, which was perfect considering I would be driving everywhere. I was bummed when my dad read the directions, which I had failed to do during assembly, and discovered that the tree is not recommended for highway driving. I was grateful my dad read that part, as I would be the person to keep it up and lose my tree.

The tree is attached to the roof of your car with large suction cups.

The tree is attached to the roof of your car with large suction cups.

The tree is adjustable so rather than removing it completely, you can simply push it down when driving at speeds above 50 mph.

The Christmas Car tree can be adjusted to lay flat if you're traveling on the highway.

The Christmas Car tree can be adjusted to lay flat if you’re traveling on the highway.

The Christmas Car Tree gets a lot of attention so I’d recommend sprucing yourself up a bit before deciding to drive around town. While driving from my house to the movies, I was stopped repeatedly at traffic lights and stop signs by people who wanted to compliment me on my tree. This would have been very nice had it not been 20 degrees outside and they all insisted on carrying on a full-blown conversation.

The Christmas Car Tree all lit up and ready to go.

The Christmas Car Tree all lit up and ready to go.

People asked where I got my tree, if I “rigged it up myself”, or if my “husband” made it. Lots of personal questions regarding my tree. When people weren’t stopping me to talk, they were honking, waving and staring. There probably wasn’t a single person on the road that wasn’t staring at my tree. Everywhere I looked, I made awkward eye contact with people. Kids especially loved it. I went into Walmart quickly to buy some movie snacks and parked across from a car full of kids. They all got out of their seats in the back of their vehicle and crowded into the front, just to watch my tree. I felt a little badly when I had to turn off the Jeep and turn off the lights on the Christmas Car Tree. I could see the disappointment on their faces.

Christmas Car Tree Details:

– 2 1/2 feet, 120-tip classic artificial Christmas Tree.
– Comes assembled with 70 LED Multi-Color Lights.
– Sturdy lightweight frame mounts tree to the car.
– 4 straps with soft-touch clips that securely attach the frame to the car roof.
– High-quality suction cups prevent scratching and damage to your car.
– 6-inch stem with folding mechanism allows the tree to bend down flat for low ceilings.
– Lengthy cord inserts into cars cigarette lighter to turn on tree lights.

Whether you’ll spend time driving around town for the holidays or plan to travel for Christmas, the Christmas Car Tree is for those with lots of Christmas spirit who like to show it. I give this tree thumbs up and from now on, the Christmas Car Tree is a must for this girl! Just think about how much Christmas cheer you can spread on your next road trip!

Want a Christmas Car Tree of your own? Visit this website to learn more and to snag your tree for $129 and make someone’s day on your next road trip or purchase the Christmas Car Tree from Amazon and save big time. It’s only $25.99 plus you get free shipping with Amazon Prime!

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Disclosure: I was provided a Christmas Car Tree to use so I could share my experience with you. 

Ann Bacciaglia

Tuesday 6th of December 2016

I LOVE this idea. I would put this on my car for the Holidays. My Teenagers would either love it or not want to borrow the car for a while lol. Protection Status
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