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Van Camping: Everything You Need to Know

Van camping is becoming a popular way to travel, but there’s a lot you need to know to get started. From campervan vehicles to van camping essentials, as well as how to cook, pee, shower and stay safe, we’ve got answers to all your questions.    

If you’re thinking about giving van camping a try, start by reading Van Camping 101. Then bookmark or pin this page and come back often for more updates and info.

This image created for Pinterest shows two photos of a white Dodge Promaster camping van. The first is in a parking lot surrounded by fallen leaves and the second is in a parking  lot as the sun sets behind it.

Campervans and Rentals

There’s no need to rush out and buy a van before you even know if van life is for you. There are several places that you can rent a camper van so you can try it before you buy.

Do you already have your heart set on buying a van? Then you’ll want to check out our article on things to consider before you spend your hard-earned dollars on a used camper van.

Equipment and Essentials

Looking into the back of a minivan with the hatch up and a tent attached. Inside the van is a mattress and blankets strewn about.

Gathering your camping gear can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite ideas when it comes to organizing your campervan, protecting your privacy and even choosing the best mattress.

Bathroom Tips

A white Promaster camper van is parked in a campsite at a campground.

Are you looking at van camping as an alternative to RV travel or as a budget-friendly way to travel? One thing you may be nervous about is the bathroom situation. Many people modify their vans and add bathrooms or carry a portable toilet with a tank that can be dumped. We have a few more ideas for you too.

Tips and Resources

My husband and I have been camping for over three years in our van. Sometimes we camp in the minivan and sometimes in our Promaster. We’ve learned a few helpful tips along the way. Protection Status
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