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Travel Product Review: The Grayl Water Filtration Cup

Disclosure: I received a sample product to use to facilitate the writing of this post.
Travel Product Review- the Grayl Water Filtration Cup filters Tap Water in 7 Seconds. Fill. Press. Drink. Available for Tap, Trail or Travel.The safety of drinking water isn’t something that normally concerns me when I travel throughout the United States. Sure, there are times I’ve gotten ill while traveling, but more than likely, my stomach troubles were the result of something I ate.

My biggest issue with water, when I’m traveling, is the taste of what comes out the tap. Sure, I could buy bottled water but I drink a lot of water each day- especially when I travel, and the cost adds up. Not to mention I’m left with the conundrum of what to do with the dozens of remaining empty plastic bottles after the water’s consumed.

When offered the opportunity to review the GRAYL Quest Water Filtration Cup, I was thrilled. I had several trips planned and knew I’d have plenty of time to provide my honest feedback. The GRAYL system is incredibly easy to use. Within minutes of my Water Filtration Cup arriving, I had filled and filtered my water. This filtration system works like a French Press and is ideal for those on the go.

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup filters Tap Water in 7 Seconds. Fill. Press. Drink. Available for Tap, Trail or Travel.

The GRAYL Water Filtration Cup is also the first interchangeable filter system to protect you wherever you may go. If you’re drinking water from the TAP, along the TRAIL, or while you Travel Internationally, this easy to use system allows you the convenience of drinking local water sources without the expense of bottled water.

The Grayl Quest Water Filtration Cup to filter Tap Water. Systems are also available for Trail and International travelers.

The Water Filtration Device is a four-piece system, the filter, which attaches to the inner cup, the outer cup, and lid. You can filter your water in seven seconds. Simply fill the outer cup with water to the fill line,

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup filters tap water in 7 seconds.

slide the inner filter into the silicone outer cup, creating the press action.

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup with filters for Tap, Trail and Travel.

This pushes the water through the filter, removing chemicals and heavy metals to improve the taste and smell of tap water.

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup with filters for Tap, Trail and Travel.
The GRAYL TAP Filter, TRAIL Filter, and TRAVEL Purifier utilize activated carbon and a patented G3+ Filtration Media to provide you with safe drinking water. The G3+ Filtration Media offers three technologies:

  1. A triple-charged mesh traps disease-causing germs while allowing water to flow quickly.
  2. Activated natural carbon attracts and traps many heavy metals and industrial chemicals.
  3. An integrated anti-microbial agent suppresses the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria to keep the GRAYL fresh between uses.

The filter lifespan varies with water quality but lasts about 300 uses or 40 gallons of water. That’s about three uses per day for three months. Replacement filters are available for your system, and the filters are interchangeable.

You can learn more about the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup at or by visiting the company on Facebook. The Quest Water Filtration Cups range from $49.95 to $79.95 with replacement filters ranging from $14.95 to $39.95.

My opinion:

I love the way this product looks, from the packaging it comes in, to the look and feel of the product. It’s stylish and trendy.

The product is extremely easy to use. I recorded the process so you could see for yourself.

Loving my #thegrayl water filter during my recent road trip & hotel stay.

A video posted by Tonya Prater (@travelermom) on

The water at the properties of my most recent stays did not have an odor, but they did have a distinct metallic taste which was not nearly as noticeable, if at all after the water had been filtered. I was impressed. I like this product so much that I plan to purchase the TRAIL Filter for the upcoming bike ride that my husband and I have planned. Protection Status
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