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Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Hot & Ready is a Perfect Road Trip Food

Tonya Prater, Owner

This post has been compensated by Acorn and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 

I’m not sure if I should admit this. When my husband and I van camp, he loves staying at Walmart’s that allow overnight parking. Personally, I’d rather sleep at a campground, but he LOVES the idea of saving money. 

A van camper in the Walmart parking lot

But here’s the kicker; when we van camped last year, we spent SO much money at the Walmart’s we stopped at. Personally, I think permitting trucks and RV’s to stay overnight is a brilliant move on the company’s part. We bought gas at Walmart, clothes (no judgment, a gal is allowed to determine she doesn’t have ANY clothes suitable for a vacation midway into the trip, right?), bug spray, sunscreen, and food. We bought ALL the things. 

We often pop into the store to grab a bite to eat from the deli. But fried chicken and lunch meat can get old. And a gal can only eat so much hummus and veggies in a week. That’s why I was thrilled to find out that Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Hot & Ready are available in Walmart Supercenter and Neighborhood Market stores. How cool is that? 

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs
A little history, Nathan’s opened their first store on Coney Island over 100 years ago serving premium hot dogs! That’s right, they’ve been in business since 1916! Nathan’s hot dogs have some major staying power. If you ask me, its due to their commitment to serving all original, 100% premium beef hot dogs with no artificial colors, flavors or by-products. Believe me when I say you will taste the difference. 
My family has been a fan of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs for years. Let’s face it, if you can’t travel to the original Big Apple to experience the taste of New York, the next best thing is to experience Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs wherever you call home. 
hot dogs from Walmart
During our most recent road trip, my husband and I decided we’d pop into Walmart to grab a few of the world-renowned hot dogs.
Hot Deli display food at Walmart
Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs were easy to find in the deli section and you can also find them in the hot & ready case near the checkout. In our Walmart Supercenter and many I’ve been in, the deli can be found in the Market section right by the front door which makes it super easy to run in and grab a couple of hot dogs. You’ll find Nathan’s Famous hot dogs at the deli counter at the Walmart Neighborhood Markets as well.
We didn’t even need to park. My husband dropped me off at the front door, I ran in and grabbed some hot dogs (which are super affordable at $1.25 each!) a bag of chips and some toppings and I was back out the door in no time. It seriously doesn’t get any more convenient than that. Plus, we ate for much less than we would have at a fast-food restaurant- especially when we combined the Ibotta offer to save $.25 per hot dog!  
Our foil-wrapped hot dogs were hot, the bun was soft and warm and so tasty that I could have eaten them plain. But I like to get fancy sometimes so I thought I’d mix things up and try something new. 
A picnic spread
I picked up a couple of fancy condiments for our road trip picnic and boy were our hot dogs delish!
Picnic with my husband
If you’re road-tripping or just popping in for a quick lunch or dinner and don’t want to buy condiments, you’ll find small packets of ketchup and mustard available when you pick up your hot dogs. Just ask at the deli if they don’t have them set out.
Hot dog with fixingsI opted to buy some good ole dill relish with mustard, coleslaw, and pineapple with a sriracha/mayo mix for our versions of what I’m calling a Relish Dog, Slaw Dog, and Hawaiin Dog.
A man eating a hot dog at a parkMy husband thought the sound of pineapple on a hot dog sounded absolutely disgusting but after I took a bite and mentioned how good it was he couldn’t resist a bite. I think he’s hooked.
A woman putting toppings on a hot dog
Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs just gave me and my husband another reason to spend money in Walmart when we’re road tripping or van camping AND did you know you can earn $.25 cashback with Ibotta? You can learn more about that offer here
Have you noticed Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in your local Walmart Supercenter or Neighborhood Market? What is your favorite way to top your hot dogs? Share below in the comments and we may just try it on our next van camping road trip. Protection Status
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