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Travel at Night with Confidence with the New Night Drivers by Foster Grant

Tonya Prater, Owner

This post was sponsored by Night Drivers as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.  

I turned 46 in October. My kids remind me often that I’m getting older. In addition to the noticeable fine lines and occasional gray hair, I’ve also noticed differences in my vision. I recently broke down and bought my first pair of reading glasses and I admit that I often avoid driving after dark because I simply can’t see as well as I used to.

Foster Grant Night Driving Glasses

Introducing Night Drivers by Foster Grant

Not driving at night isn’t a big deal when I’m home and can simply turn the keys over to my husband, but when I’m traveling solo on unfamiliar roads, I’ve noticed that I tend to get a little bit nervous. When I heard of the new Night Drivers glasses from Foster Grant, I knew immediately that I wanted to try them.

I was skeptical that they’d work, but unlike my day to day glasses, they weren’t going to cost me a couple hundred dollars and trip to the optometrist. If they didn’t work, I wasn’t out very much money. The Night Drivers’ glasses are only $24.95 and if you keep reading, I’ll share how you can save 50% and get free shipping!

The Foster Grant logo on the Night Driver glasses.

The Night Driver glasses have a yellow lens that enhances contrast along with an anti-reflective coating that blocks glares from headlights, street lights and bright billboards. They are available in several styles including clip-ons or glasses that can be worn alone or those that fit over glasses for those that need corrective lenses but don’t have contacts. I wear both glasses and contacts, but more often than not, I have my contacts in at night, so I opted for the stand-alone pair.

My Experience with Night Drivers- the Pros and Cons

I wore my Foster Grant Night Drivers glasses for the first time early one morning when I was headed to Cleveland. With Daylight Savings time in place, the sun doesn’t rise here in Ohio until after seven. Since I left at five in the morning, it was dark on my entire hour drive.

Foster Grant Night Drivers make it easier to see at night while driving.

I admit, I was impressed. The Night Drivers removed the glare that I normally experience, especially on back roads with bright headlights and I noticed when I arrived in Cleveland that my eyes did not feel fatigued from strain. The glasses were comfortable to wear and made night time driving a breeze. I really couldn’t believe the difference the glasses made.

Now, the con. The yellow lenses aren’t overly flattering on me and my daughter told me that I’m never allowed to wear them in her presence. And while I am a bit vain, safety trumps vanity in this instance. I will gladly wear the Night Drivers glasses because I saw so much improvement in my vision while driving at night. Besides, who is really going to see inside my vehicle when I’m driving after dark? Right?

A picture of yours truly sporting the Foster Grant Nigh Drivers glasses.

I also tried them on during the day just to see what would happen. Take my advice and just don’t. The road was sharpened dramatically and really hurt my eyes. These are only for night driving so heed my advice friends. Say no to Night Drivers during daylight hours.

If you’re like me and have noticed changes in your vision that are affecting your night driving, perhaps the Night Drivers’ by Foster Grant can offer you a better driving experience in your day to day driving or while traveling. And if you’re traveling out of the country, Foster Grant has you covered because the Night Drivers’ lens technology passes global traffic light standards, so you drive with more contrast and less glare.

Foster Grant Night Driving Glasses

I like these glasses so much that I’m planning to purchase a pair that I can wear over my glasses, so I’ll be covered even on the days when I’m not wearing my contacts. There is also a clip-on option. Driving at night can be dangerous but it doesn’t need to be with Night Drivers.

Buy Night Drivers by Foster Grant for Half Off

Night Drivers has generously offered my readers a special promotional code that will save you 50% off the purchase of Night Drivers and provides FREE shipping within the United States. Simply visit their website, select the glasses that you like and enter this promo code at check out: NDI-7.

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Improve your nighttime driving experience with Night Drivers by Foster Grant


Willis Clyde Vaughn

Monday 29th of October 2018

I want to order a pair of your Foster Night drivers, I won't give my Debit card number on the internet, but I will order them on the phone , if you give me a number that I can call. I would like to take advantage of the 50% off and free shipping, let me know as soon as you get this message , as I am going to get some somewhere....Thank you

Tonya Prater

Thursday 29th of November 2018

Hi Willis, You don't order them from me. You need to order them from this website -------> or you can pick out what you want and call them directly at 1-800-959-9038. Protection Status
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