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Photo Essay: Deer Creek State Park in Ohio

Early Morning Photos From Deer Creek State Park in Ohio.

Deer Creek State Park, located in Pickaway County,  just south of Columbus. With over seven thousand total acres to explore, it offers an incredible getaway for those looking to get outdoors and experience the natural beauty of Central Ohio.

While my room offered a gorgeous view of the lake, I couldn’t resist heading out into the park before dawn to practice my photography skills with Laura from FarFlungTravels.  A professional photographer, she offered tips to help me get my DSLR off automatic and in the manual shooting mode. I was pleased with the results and eager to continue practicing.

Waiting for the sunrise at Deer Creek State Park

The first day was pretty overcast, but we were able to get a shot of the mist rising from a field across from the dam.

The Dam at Deer Creek State Park.

Construction on the dam began in 1965 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and completed in 1968. The construction of the dam and Deer Lake aided in flood control while offering outdoor creation opportunities to the nearby community and thousands of visitors to the park.

Herons are plentiful near the lake and I tried to get a photo of one in flight, but it surpassed my skill level and range of my lens.

Another look at the dam at Deer Creek State Park.

Deer, bunnies, and geese were plentiful in the early morning, but we focused our efforts on inanimate objects. I love the way this photo with the cattails turned out with the sun in the background.

Cattails in the sunrise at Deer Creek State Park.

The lake is nearly six miles in length and provides a playground for boaters, kayakers, and fisherman. With an average depth of 15 feet (nearly 40 near the dam), the waters are full of Bluegill, Sunfish, Saugeye, Walleye, Catfish, Carp, Crappie, White Bass, and Small & Large Mouth Bass occupy the waters. In the early morning, you’ll hear the splash of fish and watch the heron fly back and forth, finally settling on the water’s edge.

An early morning view of the boat docks at Deer Creek State Park in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

The boat dock offered interesting views at sunset and sunrise.

Kayaking in the early morning at Deer Creek State Park.

Two-seater kayaks are available to rent for an hourly fee. I admit, I’m one to get nervous around water, but with a life jacket on and my camera hanging from my neck in a plastic bag, I was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view as the sun rose over the trees.

The sun rises over the lake at Deer Creek State Park.
I can’t imagine a better way to begin the day. Can you?

How do you begin your ideal day?

Want to learn more about my trip to Deer Park State Park Lodge? You can read about that experience here.

Mel @ Adventures of Mel

Tuesday 30th of June 2015

Your photos are beautiful, Tonya! I've always wanted to go kayaking (on still water). It looks so serene and peaceful. My ideal morning would be watching the sun rise or eating breakfast outside in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. True peace. Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.


Friday 3rd of July 2015

Awww...Thanks so much Mel! I've not been feeling well this week and forgot all about Inspire Me Wednesday. *cringe* Thank you for the feature. :)

The first time I drove to Colorado by myself, I could not wait to return with my family. I didn't think I'd been anywhere prettier than the Rockies. I'd happily return to watch the sunrise from a cabin in the mountains. Excellent choice.

Valerie Remy-Milora

Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Your pictures are stunning! What a way to start the day. I would love to glide gently through the water as the day greeted me with a gorgeous ball of fire!! Dreamy!

Izy Berry

Monday 22nd of June 2015

Great photos i am in love right is so beautiful!!

Robin masshole mommy

Monday 22nd of June 2015

What lovely photos! It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to visit!


Monday 22nd of June 2015

It is a gorgeous park. I'd love to visit again in the fall when the leaves are changing color. I bet it's stunning! Protection Status
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