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prAna Athleisure Clothes can Take you Anywhere

I was provided clothing to facilitate this review all opinions are my own. 

prAna athleisure clothes can take you road tripping to hiking to the gym in comfort and in style.

I think we can all agree I like to be comfortable 100% of the time, but I also like to look nice 100% of the time, so, that’s an issue. Most people associate “looking nice” with anything but comfortable. Like, jeans, a nice blouse, and wedges, that’s what looking nice is. But, I’m here to tell you that’s wrong. Athleisure is in, and I am jumping on the bandwagon.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it louder for the people in the back – prAna is absolutely one of my favorite brands for yogas. When it comes to yoga pants, prAna is ahead of the game. I’m not usually one for colored yogas, but guys, how perfect are these Pillar Legging in Wedge Wood for fall? I’m pretty sure they are the definition of fall. Matched with this oversized Seaboard long sleeve top in white its perfect for the gym, for hiking, for a road trip, anything. And I can guarantee you’ll look your best in it and they are SO comfortable!

I want to be honest with you, so I’m going to get intimate with you right now. Are you ready- don’t say I didn’t warn you! The two number one reason’s I don’t normally wear colored yogas is butt sweat and cellulite. I sometimes have issues with colored yogas from other brands for both these reasons. I have to be really specific about which style I buy because some are more flattering than others. But, I haven’t yet had an issue with prAna. Not that I’ve tried on their entire selection, but, so far, the ones I have tried are thick enough to not show cellulite or that embarrassing sweat that can occur during heavy workouts! Plus, prAna clothes are so soft that they are incredible to wear.

Enough about B.S. (butt sweat), as I mentioned, prAna clothes are also perfect outside the gym. This past week, I was able to take a walk and spend some time with my mom. She was excited to learn that prAna now has extended sizes and wore her new Pillar Legging Plus in black. Now, even the curvier among us can be decked out for the gym or have comfortable athleisure for those days spent active and outdoors.

We had planned to go kayaking or hang out in the hammocks, but honestly, this week has been brutal with temperatures exceeding the 90’s. We may be sad to see summer go, but we’re certainly anticipating those cooler fall days.

If you’re looking for comfortable clothing to take you from the gym to the grocery store and from the car on road trips to sightseeing along the way, give the prAna website a once or twice over- heck, just bookmark it so you can visit over and over again. And while you’re there, don’t forget to use our discount code – ESTPF18 -to save you 15% off your online order.

prAna is all about empowering women and this video shows that:

Wouldn’t you love to go on an adventure like this?

You can feel good about your purchase, not only because you’ll look great and that always helps, but also because prAna’s commitment to quality means they use materials from sustainable sources and practice Fair Trade. Are you familiar with prAna’s line of clothing? Is Fair Trade and sustainable practices important to you? If so, check out their clothing. I can honestly say that once you try them on for size, you’ll be hooked. Just like my mom and me!

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