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Record your Adventures with a Promptly Travel Journal

Have you ever considered keeping a travel journal to record your adventures? This doesn’t have to be an epic cross-country journey. Your journal could be as simple as recording your favorite day trips close to home.

I’ve kept a few journals here and there over the years, but journaling hasn’t been a hobby that I’ve done consistently. But I’d like that to change.

It may sound silly, but when it comes to travel journaling, I never know where to start. That’s where Promptly Travel Journals come in.

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Travel Journals by Promptly Journals guide you in the journaling process but allow enough freedom for you to get creative. This is the perfect solution for those of us who tend to get stuck when it comes to organizing our thoughts.

My husband and I will be van camping and taking a series of short trips this winter and I plan to take my journal along with me. I only wish that I’d kept a written journal during some of our other trips; especially our trip to the UK. I wish I would have captured the awe and emotion that my husband and I experienced during our trip.

There are vivid experiences that I thought I’d never forget that have begun to dull over the course of the past few years.

Why Choose a Promptly Travel Journal?

When I was asked to review Promptly journals, I immediately knew I wanted to try one of their travel journals. They offer several types of journals, including a sibling journal that I think would be a great way to stay connected with your loved ones.

I selected a three-pack of journals. I love the dusty rose, grey and deep blue journals. They all have a durable linen cover with pages that are thick enough not to bleed through when using your favorite writing tools. Inside your journal, you’ll find:

  • an elegant minimalist design
  • a world map (I’d personally love to see a travel journal with a US map option since most of my travel is in the states)
  • a travel planning section
  • a place to record your itinerary
  • spots to record your experiences; the good, bad and yes, even ugly (consider this part therapeutic)

You’ll also find blank pages, places to add photos, postcards, brochures or admission or museum stubs.

Whether you’re writing about a beautiful place you discovered on a recent weekend trip or shared moments of awe from a month-long excursion, you’ll find plenty of space to record your thoughts.

You can snag your own Travel Journals by Promptly Journals to use on your next trip to record those moments you never want to forget.

Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal

An open travel journal with a mini printer, atlas and photo printer paper.
  1. A travel journal is YOUR faithful travel companion.
  2. A travel journal can become a scrapbook where you store your travel memories. Especially when you tuck loose photos, museum ticket stubs and travel brochures inside the pages.
  3. A travel journal allows you to record important details like the name of the hotel you loved or details of your favorite restaurants.
  4. A travel journal allows you to the opportunity to make deep connections to your destination.
  5. If you choose to share your travel journal, it can be a well-loved family heirloom that is passed down and shared through generations.

Additional Products to Use with your Travel Journal

I’m so excited to begin using my travel journal that I purchased a couple items to enhance the experience.

  1. Choose the right pen.

I am really picky about the pens I use. It has to glide when I’m writing and I like the script to have a certain amount of weight to it, not too dark or too light. While this is certainly personal preference, I picked up several brands to determine which I like best.

I’m torn between gel and felt tip so I’ve decided to compare the following brands: Flair (felt tip), Sharpie (felt tip) and Ink Joy (gel) and Sharpie (S-gel). I think I’m going to prefer the Sharpie gel pen because I really love the smoothness of the pen but I’ll keep you posted.

2. The Canon Ivy Printer is a must!

My son surprised me with the Canon Ivy for my birthday and I love it! This portable printer fits in the palm of your hand and prints photos from your phone in seconds. If you’re terrible at printing your photos like I am, this is the product for you! I bought extra packs of photo paper for mine and even snagged some sticker paper so I can add photo stickers to my journal.

You know what they say, “A Picture is worth a thousand words”, which makes this indispensable.

3. A case for my printer.

I want to make sure my mini-printer is protected when I’m traveling so I ordered a case to keep it in. The case has enough room for the printer, an extra pack of printer paper and a pack of sticker printer paper.

Do you keep a travel journal? Why or why not? Protection Status
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