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Review: Incase DSLR Pro Pack

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack camera bag for people on the go, protection for your camera, laptop, MacBook, iPad and other electronics when you travel. #goincaseOne dilemma I face as a travel blogger is how best to store my electronics when I’m on the road. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have this problem. I often travel with both a DSLR and point and shoot camera which I use depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I also pack an extra lens, a mini-tripod, smartphone, video camera, laptop, travel router, external hard drive, extra memory cards and some other lightweight odds and ends. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I admit it’s probably overkill, but I want to be prepared for everything.

I thought I had the issue solved when I purchased a large purse to fit my gear, but it didn’t provide much protection for my expensive items. I also made my own DSLR camera purse and though it is really cute, it’s not large enough to fit my laptop and the straps didn’t hold up to continued use.

When an opportunity arose to test out the Incase DSLR Pro Pack, I jumped at the chance. Could this be the solution I was searching for? Continue reading for the verdict.

What is the Incase DSLR Pro Pack?

The Incase DSLR backpack is ideal for today’s photographer and traveler. Designed and engineered in California, Incase strives to produce products that are simple in design, yet highly usable, while using innovative construction techniques and materials for durability.

An inside look at the zippered compartment of the Incase DSLR Pro Pack.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack offers an abundance of compartments so everything has its place. Something the organizer in me craves. There are so many compartments, that I don’t have enough stuff to fill them. But I’m sure that will come as I continue to learn more about my DSLR and invest in additional camera equipment and lenses.

What’s it like to Travel with the Incase DSLR Pro Pack?

While I’ve not been able to test this on a flight, I did use the case during a 10-day cross country road trip that included several stops at campgrounds and hotels. This DSLR backpack was extremely convenient to use and I loved that all my gear and electronics were in one location. When my husband and I stopped for the night, I didn’t need to grab a several bags to carry into the hotel room. I knew all I needed to do a bit of work was inside my Incase DSLR Pro Pack.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack comes with a carry handle and straps to wear as a backpack.

When we were camping, I took an opportunity to hike from our side of the campground to another to visit the Family Rec Room so I could use the Wi-Fi. It was a great opportunity to try the backpack on and get a feel for how it felt when hiking or walking. I was surprised by how comfortable the bag was. With padded shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap, the backpack felt secure and comfortable.

What I liked about the DSLR Backpack

The multiple compartments and pockets allowed me to pack my gear in an organized fashion. With zippered pouches and pockets that Velcro, I’m assured that the pieces I pack are secure.  The large back compartment comes with fully adjustable dividers. I dream of filling those dividers with camera lenses but for now they hold my basic DSLR, my point and shoot and some odds and ends that I like to travel with that include my backup hard drive, card reader and small table top tripod (there is also adjustable tripod carry straps on the exterior of the bag). A quick glance at the unzipped compartment allows me to quickly and easily find what I need.

A zippered back panel in the compartment is perfect for extra memory cards, chargers and cleaning wipes.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack can hold a MacBook Pro 15 and iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc.

The front of the case has multiple internal organizer pockets and easily fits up to a MacBook Pro 15”. I travel with an Acer Aspire Switch 10 that is just over 10” so it easily slides into the first compartment and the back fits my large spiral bound blog bible- or blog planner that kind of doubles as my head in a book. Let’s just say it’s essential when I have work to do.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack has pockets, compartments and room for all your electronics and camera components.

Small pockets inside this zippered compartment store my highlighters, pens, and Mophie charger. A zippered compartment on the outside of the bag easily holds a point and shoot camera or iPhone with plenty of room to spare.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack has compartments on the outside of the case as well to store a point and shoot camera, cash, small notebook or phone.

There are multiple external organizer pockets where I can store a small notebook, business cards, some cash or Tylenol.

The DSLR backpack is constructed of durable 840D nylon which is easy to wipe off if needed and it includes plenty of padding with a soft fleece lining to protect your investments. I wouldn’t throw a heavy suitcase on top of it, but I wouldn’t throw one on top of my standard camera case either.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack provides easy access to your camera.

I was very impressed by the practicality and usability of this product but probably the feature I love the most is the ease of access this pack provides to my DSLR. A zippered compartment at the top of the case provides access to the camera without unzipping the entire back compartment. This is ideal for the moments when you need to grab your camera in a hurry.

The bag has both straps and a carry handle depending on how you prefer to carry it.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack comes with backpack straps or a convenient carry handle.


I also like that the bag is not flashy. The last thing I want to do when I’m traveling is carry any product that screams “Steal me! I’m worth thousands!”

In a pinch, or as an alternative use, one could remove the padded dividers and use the backpack for clothes or anything else you needed to pack.

What is not ideal with the DSLR BACKPACK?

I feel like I’m being nitpicky with this section because I really am that pleased with my backpack, but I’m told a good review has both pro’s and con’s. So in the essence of fairness, here goes.

The pack can hold a lot of equipment and fully loaded it could be heavy, but then you probably already know that.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack measures 20 x 9 x 12.

The DSLR backpack feels like it’s pretty thick when you’re wearing it, but when I measured mine fully loaded it was only about 9” thick (total dimensions 20″ x 12″ x 9″) and for all it holds, I can’t imagine it being any smaller. Incase offers smaller camera only bags but they won’t fit my laptop.

At $149.95, the price could be a deterrent for some and honestly before I saw it, it would have been one for me as well. But then my case arrived and it’s so well constructed and so well engineered that I imagine I’ll be using it for many years to come. It’s also very practical. Plus, the price includes free shipping within the United States.

My teenagers and young adult children love this bag. Now if you’re looking for cool mom points, you may not see this as a con. And maybe I should add this to the pro section but, when my kids really love something that means they will want to use something. Generally, I don’t mind sharing and in this instance you may call me selfish, but this is one product that I want to keep all to myself.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack is offered in black.

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack is not available in a large number of colors. In fact, it’s not available in any other color but black. I don’t think this needs to be available in all the colors of the rainbow, but I’d love to see a gray DSLR backpack.

In Conclusion

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack stores your camera and laptop for travel.

In addition to the Incase DSLR Pro Pack, the company offers a variety of other camera bags, duffels and travel rollers to meet ones needs. I’ve got my eye on the DSLR Sling Pack for those times when I can get by with a tablet and not my laptop and all my other gear.

If you’re looking for a great bag to travel with that will hold your DSLR and laptop, I’d encourage you to consider the Incase DSLR Pro Pack.

What do you look for in a great camera bag?


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

I love all that padding inside of it. Looks nice. Protection Status
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