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Space Saving Tools for the Van Camper or Outdoor Enthusiast

Tonya Prater, Owner

When you purchase from Leatherman you are receiving quality space-saving tools that will last for years and are ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.

Leatherman multi-tool which is many tools in one.

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On our first van camping trip, my husband packed his entire toolbox in the back of our minivan just incase our van broke down. I can understand a few pieces, but the entire took box? That was space I didn’t really want to give up for tools.

As you can imagine, once you add in a full-size mattress, clothes for two weeks, cooler, camp chairs and all your other camping gear, space is a premium, but he wanted to make sure he was prepared for any situation.

I get it. I do. And I love that my husband likes to be prepared. But did he really need to pack everything on that trip? 

Thankfully we didn’t need any of the tools, but as my husband said, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

With Leatherman Multi-Tools You'll Never Overpack Again

When I was introduced to Leatherman Multi-Tools, I thought of one word.


That's right, these tools are very MacGyver-esque. You could say they are THE Mack Daddy of all multi-tools.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality multi-tools, Leatherman knows how to pack a big punch. Most of the Leatherman multi-tools are assembled around a pair of pliers, with additional tools stored in the handles. These may include knives (straight and serrated blades), screwdrivers (flat, Phillips), saws, wire cutters and strippers, electrical crimper, bottle opener and can openers. Sound impressive?

I couldn't wait to show the products to my husband and after seeing them at Smoky Mountain Knifeworks on a recent trip to Tennessee, he couldn't stop telling me all the uses he would have for them. He now has a wish list several hundreds of dollars long.

I know what I'll be buying him for his birthday, Father's Day, Christmas... you name it. I no longer need to stress over what to purchase a man who is hard to buy for. With Leatherman, my struggle of never knowing what to buy my husband is over. That reason alone should be enough to make a purchase from Leatherman. But I have others.

Leatherman offers a 25-year limited warranty on knives and multi-tools as well as Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more. Sign up for their newsletter for monthly promotions. 

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