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The SiOnyx Aurora Sport is your Go-To Night Vision Adventure Camera 

This post is sponsored by SiOnyx, but all opinions are my own.
The SiOnyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision Camera is built for adventure! Take it camping, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding- nearly any adventure you can think of. This military-grade, water-resistant camera is your go-to camera when you're ready to document your adventures. #Ad #AuroraNightVision #SiOnyxAurora #NightLife
Camping is one of my favorite activities. It doesn’t matter if I’m tent camping, van camping or glamping. 
Who am I kidding? If you’ve read my site at any length, then you know I’d much rather glamp or van camp. 
But, recently, I decided to make an exception and tent camp. Mainly because our trusty van was at the mechanics and we had to take our chance at winter camping in between rain showers. 
You read that right. We’re in Ohio in January and we’re dealing with rain, not snow. Not that I’ll complain about the warmer weather. 
We had one night to set up our yurt, so we packed up and headed outdoors. The yurt will be the perfect glamping tent in the spring and summer but as far as winter camping goes, let’s just say it left something to be desired.

The yurt provides plenty of ventilation but when you’re camping in cooler weather, I don’t know about you, but I want to keep as much of the cold air out and the warm air in.

I busied myself making the tent pretty while my husband made a fire. We’d had so much rain that the firewood was all wet, so we made do with scrap wood pieces. 
Yes, this camping trip was not turning out how I envisioned it. 
Now, in complete honesty, our reason for camping wasn’t totally to give winter camping a try, it was also to try out my new SiOnyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision camera that provides color night vision images.

The SiOnyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision Camera

Aurora Sport is a military-grade quality, color night vision camera that takes both photos and video is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and those on the go.

I was excited to receive the Aurora Sport to try out. Although it’s pretty easy to use, I did need to read the online manual to make the most of the camera. I still have some practicing to do. 

That said, this camera is going to be a huge asset in the future. Here are some of the reasons why this is going to be an outdoor and camping accessory that I will not leave at home. 

You can read to learn more about the SiOnyx family of cameras, but I’m going to share why I’m so excited to try out the SiOnyx Aurora Sport. 

1.     As I mentioned before, these are NIGHT VISION cameras. Now that in and of itself isn’t that crazy, but these cameras have COLOR Night Vision! How cool is that? Let me show you what I mean. 

This is a photo I took of our cats playing near our tent.
You clearly see them, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
Now, look at this photo of the same scene. What do you see now?
The cats are playing on the fallen tree branches.

The first photo is taken with one of my point and shoot cameras.

The photo on the bottom was taken using my SiOnyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision camera at the exact same time to show the difference in each unedited image.

As you can see it is night vision and it’s also in color.

Want to see more? 

The photo is pretty dark, but then camping does take place at night. 
But now look at this one. What an incredible difference!  

The Aurora Sport captures images in monochrome or color, day or night. 

2.     The camera is also water-resistant, which is great since it was trying to sprinkle on us last night. 

3.     The SiOnyx camera has built-in WIFI so you can transfer images directly to your phone so you can share your adventures on social media too! 

4.     The rechargeable battery can record for about two hours.
5.     The camera is small and lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand.

Where can you use the SiOnyx Night Vision Camera? 

Like I mentioned, this camera is perfect for those who seek out adventure. Not only will my husband and I use it tent camping and van camping, but we also plan to use it bike riding, kayaking, hiking and whatever else our travels may lead us to. 

I have two excited boys who would like to use the camera when fishing, snowboarding and when riding a motorcycle. 

Remember, the Aurora Sport it isn’t only for night use. You can use this to take pictures or videos during the day too. How cool is that? You’re going to see me talking a lot about this camera in the future. 

 The SiOnyx Aurora Sport costs right around $400. You can learn more here.  

Leave me a message and tell me when you would use this camera. Protection Status
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