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The WANDRD VEER 18L Travel Photography Bag

The WANDRD VEER 18L travel & and photography bag is available with inflatable accessories to protect your camera and lenses.The WANDRD VEER 18L Camera Bag

I love to take photos but the past couple of years it seems like more often than not, I’m capturing those moments and memories with my cell phone rather than my DSLR camera that I spent good money on.

Bridges and kayakers

And why?

Easy. I hate carrying that big ole camera with me. Not to mention all the lenses that I think I need.

I know I could remedy this with a good camera bag. I even made one of my own that I used until it finally wore out.

And I have a backpack that is made specifically to carry my camera, lenses, even my tripod, and laptop. But I can’t stand it. Know why? It’s simply too heavy.   


Deer sculpture

Who is WANDRD?

WANDRD is a company founded by a trio of brothers; Ryan, Spencer and Austin Cope in 2015. There mission? To create the world’s best travel camera bag.

But not just any bag- they wanted a bag that was versatile and one that would inspire people to see more of the world.


It sounds to me like their mission is quite a bit like mine since I also want to encourage others to see the world around them. 

WANDRD has several travel and photography bags available and I was excited to check out the VEER 18L which is available on their website.  

Why Choose the VEER 18L

man and child playing in fountain

I had the opportunity to try out the VEER 18L in the gorgeous Rust color on a photography walk with Rick Gerrity in Columbus. The photography walk couldn’t have been more fun, and I was excited by how lightweight the VEER bag truly is.

The top of the LeVeque tower as seen from below the bridge

We arrived at the Bicentennial Park, located along the Scioto Mile, as the sun was beginning its descent. This magical time is known as the golden hour by photographers because the lighting is so flattering. Read more about things to do in Columbus Ohio, you’ll find lots of cool places to photograph. 

While I had my DSLR, I was primarily shooting on manual and in RAW with my Lumix Point and Shoot. Something totally new to me as I prefer to play it safe and shoot in auto. However, it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone.  

bridge crossing a river

This was the perfect time for me to try out the VEER 18L backpack.

woman with VEER 18L backpack

I found it to be a great size for toting around my DSLR, point and shoot, wallet, water bottle, journal, and a few odds and ends and while I walked for blocks, the weight of the bag never once bothered me.

And the funny thing? I didn’t even bust out my big camera. I took all my photos with my Lumix!

The VEER 18L is so comfortable to carry that I’ve even started using it as my go-to bag around town. It’s that cute!

I now keep it packed and ready so when the urge to head out and do some exploring hits, I’m all set to go.

Columbus skyline from the Scioto River

Okay, I know you care how things look but you probably want to hear the practical too.   

First, the VEER 18L is the first packable bag with an inflatable back panel and inflatable camera cube. How cool is that?

This means I can carry this bag knowing that my camera is protected with the optional camera cube tucked inside the backpack.

There are also inflatable lens cases. I think I need about four of them so I can pack all my lenses.

woman with deer sculpture

What I liked about the VEER 18L

  • The VEER 18L is lightweight.
  • It’s comfortable. With air-mesh shoulder straps and a removable sternum strap, you’ll have the support where and when you need it.
  • The back panel is inflatable adding structure to the bag.
  • You don’t have to carry a camera; the inflatable backpack is great for other electronics too.
  • The VEER 18L is versatile. You can inflate when carrying heavy gear or deflate when you don’t need the structure.
  • The bag is made of weather-resistant material and features weather-resistant zippers.

bridge in Columbus

Pricing for the VEER 18L starts at $99 with accessories available separately.

People watching at the festival.

This would make a great gift for the photographer or traveler in your life.

Columbus skyline

For more information on WANDRD, visit Protection Status
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