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Things that go Bump in the Night: Punderson Manor State Park Lodge

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge near Cleveland, Ohio. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that one developed a new interest. But I know when my love of architecture was awakened. It was in the seventh grade and my art teacher was presenting a slide show of the cathedrals of Europe. I was mesmerized and imagined a day when I would travel overseas and tour Notre Dame de Paris, Rouen, St. Paul’s and Reims Cathedral. That day hasn’t come, but that hasn’t stopped my husband and me from touring several “American castles” as well as many historic homes with amazing architectural features.

When I ran across the manor at Punderson State Park during an internet search for historic homes in Ohio, I knew it was someplace my husband and I would want to visit. How cool would it be to not only tour a historic property, but also spend the night there? Pretty cool, right? There is only one catch. The Punderson Manor State Park Lodge is rumored to have guests that ummm…never leave. If you know what I mean.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge

Punderson Manor, located in Punderson State Park, a short 50 minute drive southeast of Cleveland is said to be haunted. This beautiful, historic English Tudor Style Mansion features 31 guest rooms with seven located in the original wing where the ghosts are said to occupy.  The lodge was originally built as a private home by W.B. Cleveland in 1898. When he passed away, his widow moved back to her home state of Tennessee. Not ready to sell the property, she arranged for Detroit millionaire Karl Long to care for the property in the 1920’s. The agreement was upon her return if she decided she did not want to sell, she would pay him for any upgrades he made to the home. Long completely renovated the property from a humble home to a 29-room, 14-bath mansion that is now the Manor House at Punderson. He lost his fortune in the Great Depression and the home once again fell into the Cleveland family’s hands. Eventually the home was sold to the state of Ohio, becoming Ohio’s second state park. The state turned the house into a resort and opened for guests in the mid-1950’s, but there wasn’t any reported paranormal activity until the 1970’s.

Inside Punderson Manor State Park Lodge

Thankfully, there were no spirits other than the ones that flowed through the bar during my visit, but I was able to tour the rooms where the instances are said to occur. If you want to hear those stories, you can visit yourself and take the Punderson Manor Haunted History Tour, led by a former skeptic turned believer of ghosts, Nick Fischback,  after an incident he witnessed one wintry night at Punderson.

The original wing is lovely and reminiscent of a boutique hotel. Each room is beautifully decorated with nooks and crannies not seen in the newer wing where my husband and I resided during our stay. I would love to stay in the Windsor Suite, the most elegant of the rooms with its own sitting area with fireplace and a Jacuzzi room. There is one minor detail holding me back from making that reservation- the room is said to be “the most haunted” of all the rooms. To some, that’s a deterrent and to others, that very rumor makes the room that more desirable.

The Jacuzzi inside the Windsor Suite at Punderson Manor State Park Lodge

What about you? Would you stay in a hotel that was said to be haunted? If you answer “YES!” than continue reading.

If you answered yes, give Punderson Manor State Park Lodge a call at 1-800-282-7275 or visit this website for more information or to make your reservation. Just tell them you want to stay in one of the haunted rooms.

sharon schrader

Monday 10th of February 2020

I stayed last weekend with my grandchildren 7 and 9 yrs old !We learned at the pool the manor is haunted ! Lily and I stayed up until 2 a.m. and then went to the haunted side !!! We were scared ! After our adventure the kiddo s all were sound asleep. I felt something beside me on myy bed, it felyt like someone getting up off my bed. I turned to look thinking it was one of my grandbabies bt they were all sound asleep !!!! I do love the place and I will go back !Still a little spooked but it did not hurt us so i will return to seek them out further !

Tonya Prater

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Yes, I was treated to a "ghost walk" when I was at the hotel, more like a history tour. That's how I chose to think of it. I'm not a big fan of haunted places though you will find a lot of historic properties have stories attached to them. I choose not to listen to them until after my stay. Punderson is beautiful though! I'm glad you still enjoyed your stay despite your experience.

Sara P. (@SensiblySara)

Thursday 22nd of October 2015

That manor is GORGEOUS!!! I love that they are offering the tour free of charge for awhile!

David mcelroy

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

Checking in at Punderson Manor Lodge for tonight and tomorrow night. Staying in the manor itself.


Wednesday 4th of November 2015

How did your visit go, David?

Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

OMG, I love haunted places like this. I HAVE to talk my husband (who is not as crazy about the paranormal as I am) into taking me here.

David mcelroy

Thursday 15th of October 2015

Will be staying at Punderson Manor for 2 nights next week. Was able to reserve 1 of the 7 haunted rooms in the manor. Can't wait.


Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Which one did you end up reserving for your stay? Protection Status
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