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Things to do in Ohio: Mohican

Things to do in Ohio Discover Mohican
The area surrounding Loudonville, Ohio and Mohican State Park is often referred to as simply “Mohican”. One of my favorite places to visit in Ohio and a destination close to home, my family has spent many days and nights exploring the area. We even took our first camping trip at the campground in the Mohican State Park campground. I’d love to for you to learn what makes Mohican one of the top getaway spots in the midwest. So if you’re looking for things to do in Ohio, this Top 10 list supplied by the Mohican-Loudonville CVB should inspire you.

The view from the Overlook at Mohican State Park in Ohio.

The view from the Gorge Overlook at Mohican State Park.

Top 10 Reasons Why Mohican Rocks

The calendar is not lying, autumn is almost here. While it may seem like time is slipping by, there is always time to spend a weekend or week in Mohican. Find out the Top Ten reasons why Mohican rocks all year long.

1. Mohican is the Camp & Canoe Capital of Ohio

There are over 4,000 campsites in Mohican and some are available 365 days a year.  In 1961, Dick Frye opened Ohio’s first commercial canoe livery in Loudonville, Ohio. Canoeing along the Mohican State Scenic River will continue through approximately mid-October.

2. Festivals & Events

The fun does not stop when school starts. Take a glimpse into the fun and excitement in Mohican. Coming up in September is the 31st Annual Great Mohican Pow-Wow. Watch and participate in the rich heritage and traditions of the Native Americans. Don’t forget to plan for popular Oktoberfest. All proceeds go to help maintain the Wolf Creek Grist Mill. October brings the hills alive with color and fun. Look for the Loudonville Free Street Fair. The fair is over 120 years old with free admission and live entertainment.  The Fall Foliage Drive-It-Yourself Tour showcases the hills of Mohican in a blaze of color. Drive or hike to the Covered Bridge, Lyons Falls and more. Then enjoy the shops and restaurants of downtown Loudonville. Need a little exercise? Then make sure to register for the Mohican 5k. All of the proceeds help to develop and maintain the bike path from downtown Loudonville to the Mohican State Park.

3. Mohican’s World Renowned Mountain Bike Trails

The Mohican Trails are world renowned. According to, the mountain bike paths are consistently ranked as the top in the State of Ohio and in the Top 50 around the world! The Mohican-Malabar Bike Club is a volunteer group that helps maintain the trails. Their hard work and dedication shows, as no matter what time of year, mountain bikers young and old, first time-to-experienced regularly use the trails. 

4. Dedicated Hiking Trails

The hiking trails keep improving. Thanks to the partnership of the Mohican Trails Club and Ohio Department of Natural Resources the trails have never looked better! David Yanchunas, President of the Mohican Trails Club, states, “Mohican’s Trails are vast and beautiful. There is so much to experience here. The Trails Club wants everyone to get out and enjoy the park. That’s our passion-To keep Mohican’s trails open and easy to follow for all to enjoy.” As the trails wind through the forest, one will stand in awe of the native Ohio trees, such as, oak-hickory and beech-maple types. Native white pine and hemlock are also found.

5. Over 80 Miles of Bridle Trails

Have a horse. Bring your horse. There are over 80 miles of bridle trails in Mohican. These trails connect the Mohican-Memorial State Forest, Mohican State Park, Pleasant Hill Lake Park and Malabar Farm State Park. In essence, take a ride on the trails, have a bite to eat at the Mohican State Park Lodge and keep riding. If trail rides are more in line, then make sure to contact Triple M Riding Rescue Ranch. They are open for trail rides by appointment, all year, weather permitting.

6. Open 365 days

The trails in Mohican are one of the few across the Nation that never close. That’s right. They are open all year long. Just make sure to dress appropriately. Flip flops while hiking could be painful.

7. The Adventure Is Just Beginning

Zip-lining is available at Tree Frog Canopy Tours. Enjoy the Mohican area by tree top. Make sure to ask about their “Night Zips!”

8. Mohican’s History Helped to Change Ohio

The Mohican area holds historical importance to the state of Ohio and the Nation. Take a tour of The Cleo Redd Fisher Museum. The “Weapons of WWI” exhibit features a rare, anti-sniper ammunition custom made in the trenches.  The ammunition relied on a blunt bullet, rather than conical, to shatter armor plating protecting enemy snipers. The specimens were brought home by a local WWI veteran. Admission into the museum is FREE.

9. Taking Pride In Local Goods & Services

Local restaurants and stores would rather use and sell locally sourced ingredients and goods. For example, Bromfield’s Restaurant, located at the Mohican Lodge, will change its menu to better utilize the seasonal ingredients and proteins available in the area. Big Fish General Store and Bait, sells beef and fish from a nearby source. They are also pretty good at helping with the fishing rod.

10. Golfing in Mohican

Like to golf? Then make sure to bring the clubs and head over to Pleasant Hill Golf Course. Family owned & operated for over 20 years, the Pleasant Hill Golf Course overlooks scenic Pleasant Hill Lake. The sculptured 2,536 yard, par three, 18 hole course will challenge and inspire players of every level.

Don’t wait any longer. Make the time to Discover Why Mohican Rocks! For more information, visit Protection Status
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