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Celebrate National Road Trip Day with these U.S. Road Trip Ideas

This guest post is written by Rob Tischler, the Co-Owner of Allstar Coaches, the largest luxury RV rental company in the country. Special thanks to Rob for jumping in and sharing U.S. road trip ideas to inspire your own getaway to celebrate National Road Trip Day.

Explore the United States with these 8 U.S. road trip ideas that cover every corner of the country. #roadtrip #travelinspiredliving #roadtripideas

Resolve to Travel More in 2019.

National Road Trip Day on February 12th is a Great Goal to Work Towards.

New Year, New You

In 2019, I resolve to exercise more, spend less, eat better, quit social media, and start reading books again. Does this sound familiar to you? With every new year comes the pressure to make a host of resolutions that will transform you into the person you’ve always wanted to be. As if it were just that easy.

The problem with resolutions is that they carry with them the strong implication that you’re doing it wrong. When in reality, you’re probably doing the best you can. So in 2019, I humbly suggest flipping the narrative. Instead of focusing on fixing what’s “wrong” in your life, resolve to enhance everything that’s right. And that starts with travel.

Add Something Great to Your Life

The reason many New Year’s resolutions ultimately fail is that they’re removing things from our lives. Want to spend less? You need to buy fewer things. Want to lose weight? You need to eat less food. Want to read more? You need to watch less TV. And even though these resolutions may ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life, they come at a cost.

The beauty of incorporating travel into your 2019 resolutions is that it will add to your life instead of taking something away. You’ll gain valuable experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You’ll gain family bonding time that will tie you closer to the most important people in your lives. Your children will gain a more well-rounded view of the world they’d never get by forever staying within the same 50 miles of their home. Travel opens your mind to so many new opportunities, which can only add abundance to your life.

Start by Hitting the Road

You don’t need to begin by planning a trip to Italy or backpacking across Europe. Instead, start by taking a quick road trip in your own backyard. The United States is such a diverse and vibrant place, there’ll be something amazing to see and experience within a short drive of your own home.

Resolutions work best when you make concrete plans. So to keep your 2019 travel resolutions on track, simply set a date and pick a destination. February 12th is National Road Trip Day and would make the perfect kick-off date for your new life as a road warrior. If you don’t like the idea of traveling in a cramped car, consider taking your trip in an RV. You’ll enjoy the fun, flexibility, and comfort that comes with traveling in your home away from home.

Popular Road Trips Around the U.S.  

No matter how you travel, there are amazing drives in every corner of the country. Here are a few U.S. road trip ideas to jump-start your imagination.

West Coast

A west coast road trip isn't complete without a trip along the PCH.

  • The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH): Running nearly 700 miles along the coast of California, the PCH boasts amazing natural views and runs through several of the state’s most vibrant communities.

  • The Olympic Peninsula: Located in Western Washington, the Olympic Peninsula is home to a temperate rainforest and a host of other natural wonders. The region is also known for its local arts and crafts scene.


The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona is the epitome of a Route 66 road trip.

  • The National Parks Tour: Three of the country’s most notable national parks — Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rushmore — all sit within 700 miles of each other. The entire route is accessible from parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

  • Route 66: The most well-known road in America, Route 66 runs through seven states from Chicago, Ill. to Los Angeles, Calif. No matter where you are along the route, you’ll find museums, diners, and other cultural attractions commemorating this historic highway.


Checking out the Everglades in Florida

  • Florida Keys: Starting in Miami and ending in Key West, this road trip takes travelers on a tour through more than 120 islands. Along the way, you’ll pass through the Everglades and across the famous Seven Mile Bridge.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway: Called “America’s Favorite Drive,” the Blue Ridge Parkway runs through Virginia and North Carolina, connecting Shenandoah National Park with Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

East Coast

Take an east coast road trip to Washington DC, the New England States, or Philly.

  • The Lobster Trails: Dotted throughout coastal New England, Lobster Trails allows travelers to explore the rich traditions of lobster fisherman and the communities that thrive on this exquisite seafood.

  • Washington, D.C. to Charleston, S.C.: This trip is perfect for history buffs. Begin your trip in the nation’s capital, make a stop in Williamsburg, Va., and end your journey touring the historic mansions of Charleston.

There’s No Reason to Wait

There are millions of miles of open road across this country, so no matter where you head, you’re bound to find something amazing. That exploration, and the experiences you gain along the way will add something truly wonderful to your life. Sounds like a resolution worth keeping.

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What’s your favorite road trip? 


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