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7 Tips to a Planning a Stress-free Vacation with Grown Kids

Tonya Prater, Owner

Planning a Stress-free Family Vacation with Grown KidsFor many people, vacation is something you do once a year and it’s something you look forward to for months. Planning and executing the perfect vacation can be tricky- and stressful for the best of us. Factor in the addition of traveling with older teens or grown children and that pressure can increase tenfold. So how do you plan a vacation with 20-something-year-old children who may no longer live in your home and ensure a relaxing and stress-free vacation for all? Here are a few easy tips to help you keep the peace on a long-awaited family getaway.

Easy tips to help you when you're planning a stress-free family vacation with grown children.

7 Tips to Planning a Stress-free Vacation with Grown Kids

  1. Enlist the help of your children when you plan.

Planning a vacation single-handedly can be a chore, not a pleasure. When planning to travel with grown children, delegate tasks so you’re not stuck planning every single aspect of the trip. Your children can assist in choosing a vacation destination, meal planning, booking flights and reserving lodging and activities.

  1. Select a vacation destination that offers a variety of activities for varied interests.

Keep in mind the interests of individual family members when determining where to vacation. Does your family love adventure sports, museums, experiencing different cultures, fine dining or shopping? Plan your vacation destination to accommodate those interests.

Playing on the beach- a stress-free family vacation.

  1. Work around your child’s schedule.

It can be frustrating to work around schedules and it can be a bit challenging. Planning around full-time jobs or college schedules can be a bit more taxing than planning around sports and extracurricular activities. Plan well in advance so each family member has time to request time off work, put in for vacation time, etc.

  1. Determine who pays for what before vacation or planning begins.

Unless you’re planning on footing the bill for the entire vacation, you need to bring up the “F” word. Finances can be a tricky subject and one that can be uncomfortable. Discuss well in advance who will pay for each aspect of the vacation and know how costs will be divided from airfare, rental car fees, lodging, food, etc.

Messing around on the beach during a family vacation

  1. Set a few expectations in advance.

It can be disheartening to plan a vacation, intent on spending every waking moment together to find that’s not what your kids have in mind- and honestly, you’ll probably have a better vacation if you take breaks from each other. Plan time in the schedule for your kids to explore on their own, but plan when you do want to do things as a family so everyone knows what to expect in advance.

  1. Are friends or significant others invited on the family vacation?

By the time your kids are college age, some of their friends may seem like family. Or they may be in a relationship. Decide as a family if guests are permitted to join the family on vacation and if so, set a few ground rules in advance to avoid addressing awkward situations later.

Playing at the beach is a fun option for planning a stress-free family vacation with grown kids.

  1. Choose your lodging carefully.

Lodging can make or break a vacation so carefully weigh your options. Will you stay in hotels, a condo, or vacation property? Vacation rentals provide extra space, privacy, and in-home amenities like fully-equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms (which can be a blessing when everyone is trying to get ready in the morning). Wyndham Vacation Rentals allow you the freedom and space of a vacation rental with the added bonus of hotel-like amenities that may include shuttle service, a concierge desk, and housekeeping.

Wyndham Vacation Rentals also offer an industry-first service pledge with the Vacation Bill of Rights ensuring their commitment to you before, during and after your stay.

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