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Book your Next Hotel Room at to Save Time and Sanity PLUS Tips for Visiting Washington D.C.

Red Roof sponsored this post but all opinions expressed are my own.  

Am I the only one who can’t believe how fast this summer is passing by? With each passing season, I am reminded of how much time it takes to research, plan, and execute the perfect road trip. And I should be a pro- after all, I’ve had a ton of practice!

Washington Monument

I spend an inordinate amount of time seeking hotels along my route only to find they aren’t as close to the Interstate as I’d hoped, or that the reviews are less than stellar. I recently discovered the newly designed website and my life has changed! It’s now easier than ever to plan on the go, which is a must for this road tripper.

I tested it for the first time as my family was returning to our home state of Ohio from an Outer Banks vacation. Since we had a couple extra days built into our schedule, we opted to swing by Washington, D.C. to see the monuments at night.

I’ve traveled to D.C. often enough to know that driving around the mall area can be frustrating at best, inciting extreme road rage at its worst. I wanted a hotel in Alexandria that was near enough to the Metro station so my family could hop on the transit system and leave our worries behind.

Using the Along-A-Route feature, which uses technology to determine my precise location and direction I was traveling, I located several properties along my route on And none of the properties took me further than seven miles from my route!

The new is so easy to understand. You don’t need a tutorial to figure out how to use it but I created a short video for those of you that are visual learners like I am.

A few more things I appreciate about the new

1. Travelers can now find the best rate on rooms with a simple “Tap! Tap! Go!
2. The website graphics include videos, photos and slideshows so you know exactly what you’re reserving. No surprises here!
3. The new website provides geo-localized and personalized content and deals just for you.
4. TripAdvisor reviews are incorporated right on the property page to help you make the most informed decision about where you choose to slumber.

Within minutes I had read the reviews, located a Red Roof Plus property that met my requirements, and booked our room outside D.C. With my conformation email, I was ready to relax in the passenger seat as my husband navigated the traffic around Virginia Beach like a champ.

After checking in to our room, and against my better judgement, we decided to brave the crazy traffic and drive into D.C. to see the monuments at night. This was not a good idea as we seemed to drive in circles for hours, once dropping the kids off at the Lincoln Memorial only to drive away and make a wrong turn that took us 25 minutes out of our way while the weather took a turn for the worse trapping the kids in a downpour. With spirits dampened, we returned to the hotel.

If only driving in D.C. was as easy as booking a hotel room with Red Roof’s new Along-a-Route feature!

 A Few Tips for Visiting Washington D.C.

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  1. Research rooms in the suburbs to avoid paying a premium. offers free parking and wi-fi, which is a plus.
  2. Visit on the weekend if possible as the businessmen and politicians leave for the weekend which cuts down on crowds and reduces expenses.
  3. Visit during the spring or fall. Summer in D.C. can be hot and humid and downright miserable for visitors.
  4. Though many of D.C.’s attractions are free, they do require timed tickets which you can obtain in advance so plan accordingly.
  5. Contact Congressional office for trip planning assistance. They can even schedule tours for you of some of the most popular attractions, including the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Capital Building and the Supreme Court.
  6. Comfortable shoes and clothing are a must.
  7. Pack a few snacks. Food in D.C. is super expensive so throw a couple granola bars and a collapsible water bottle in your cinch bag to snack on and for when you get thirsty.
  8. Be prepared for heightened security in the Federal buildings and in the museums. Leave your pepper spray and pocket knives behind.
  9. I know it’s tempting to plan a ton of activities- especially with so many free attractions like the Smithsonian museums. Resist the urge. Plan two to three attractions to visit for the day and call it quits.
  10. If you’d like to visit one of the Smithsonian museums, but aren’t sure which one, visit the Smithsonian Castle first. This museum features an overview of all the museums and will tell you what you can expect to see in each. Plus, it’s gorgeous.
  11. Hop on one of the buses that allow you to hop on and hop off at different attractions to save yourself quite a bit of walking.
  12. The memorials are gorgeous during the day but even more striking at night. Plan to visit at both times if time permits.

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

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