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9 Covered Bridges in Marietta, Ohio that you Must See

Did you know that there are nine covered bridges in Marietta, Ohio? There are!

The covered bridges are connected via a self-driving trail that offers a fantastic way to see the scenic countryside and spend a leisurely weekend or summer day. Travel backroads that wind around Wayne National Forest. 

You’ll learn about each of the covered bridges, and find some fun stops along the way.
9 historic covered bridges in Marietta, Ohio that make a fun day trip to seek out and explore.

Covered Bridges in Marietta Ohio

Marietta, Ohio is a river town steeped in history. As the oldest city in Ohio, you’ll find over 200 years of history in the hills surrounding Marietta.

Much of the history is still on display including several covered bridges scattered around Washington County near Marietta.

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Covered bridges came about for several reasons. The main reason was to enable horses and carriages to cross the water without getting spooked.

Since the bridges were built of wood, covering the bridge also helped extend the life of the bridge by keeping the structure protected from weather. Uncovered, wooden bridges last only 10 to 15 years. The oldest bridge on this list is over 140 years old.

A photo of one of the Covered Bridges in Marietta

Ohio is second only to Pennsylvania for the number of covered bridges still standing. Where over 50 bridges were once used in Washington County, only nine remain. Seven of those bridges are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Marietta covered bridge tour is an excellent way to spend a day driving through the countryside. Grab your road atlas, gas up the car, and hit the road to see Washington County’s nine covered bridges.

Bell Covered Bridge

Built in 1888, the Bell Bridge is named for the Bell family farm near the bridge. Aside from a few periods of repair, the bridge has been carrying traffic over Falls Creek for 130 years.

(15 miles from Marietta)
The red and white Harra Covered Bridge near Marietta, Ohio.

Harra Covered Bridge

The Harra bridge on the South Branch of Wolf Creek opened in 1875 and has several distinguishing features, including the stone base. The stone foundation was quarried from the Harrah family farm nearby, hence the name of the bridge.

(15 miles from Marietta)The Henry Covered Bridge is near Marietta. Henry Covered Bridge

Built in 1894, the Henry Bridge spans the West Branch of the Little Hocking River. While no longer open to vehicle traffic, pedestrians are welcome to explore the bridge.

(20 miles from Marietta)The Hills Covered Bridge is located near Marietta

Hills Covered Bridge

Sometimes called the Hildreth Covered Bridge, this one dates back to 1881, and spans the Little Muskingum River. It’s also one of the highest covered bridges in this region.

(7 miles from Marietta)The Hune Covered Bridge is also located within the Wayne national Forest

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Hune Covered Bridge

Another covered bridge over the Little Muskingum River is the Hune Bridge. Named for a prominent local family, the bridge was completed in 1879 and has a campground nearby.

(18 miles from Marietta)

Mill Branch Covered Bridge

Sometimes called the Barlow Covered Bridge, the Mill Branch Bridge was built in 1885. Unlike most bridges on this list which are still in use today, the Mill Branch Bridge was abandoned and relocated to it’s current spot at the Barlow Fairgrounds in 1980.

(13 miles from Marietta)The sun rising at the Rinard Covered Bridge outside Marietta, Ohio.

Rinard Covered Bridge

A third covered bridge over the Little Muskingum River is the Rinard Covered Bridge, completed in 1876. Sometimes called the Hendershott’s Ford Bridge, it was destroyed and rebuilt after a 2004 flash flood.

(22 miles from Marietta)

Root Covered Bridge

Named for the nearby town of Root, the Root Covered Bridge was the first of these covered bridges to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built to cross the Little Hocking River, in 1878.

(20 miles from Marietta)The Shinn Covered Bridge in Marietta is an historic bridge.

Shinn Covered Bridge

Tragically, this bridge was built by a carpenter, Charles Shinn, after one of his children drowned in 1886. The Shinn Bridge stretches nearly 100 feet across the Wolf Creek.

(22 miles from Marietta)

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Covered Bridge Resources

Have you seen any of the covered bridges located throughout Washington County? Visit the Washington County CVB website for directions of how to find each of these bridges. 

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