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Destination Weddings in Florida

There are many locations in Florida where you can tie the knot but we’re sharing the best places for destination weddings in Florida.”A newly married couple walking along the beach at sunset.

Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity, especially as millennials and younger generations prioritize experiences over possessions.

Today, 25% of marriages happen at a destination wedding, and it’s very popular for brides and grooms who have been married previously.

The average cost of a destination wedding is $28,000. Compared to more than $35,000 for a traditional wedding, it’s no surprise that destination weddings are so popular! (Source)

Some of the most popular wedding destinations include Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Caribbean, as well as Florida.

Florida is an excellent choice for couples who want a beach wedding location, but don’t want the hassle or expense of leaving the country.

It’s also an affordable destination, which is considerate for the guests and wedding party who typically pay their own way to the wedding.

The Best Places for Destination Weddings in Florida

There are hundreds of wedding venues in Florida, with something for every budget and for every style. Whether you want a luxurious Florida wedding or a casual barn wedding in Florida, keep reading for some of the best places to get married in Florida!

Beach Weddings in Florida

The word Florida written in the sand

Beach weddings make up the most destination weddings in Florida. Sand, surf, a gentle breeze at sunset make the perfect romantic setting for a wedding.

Nearly everyone loves the beach, so when you’re trying to convince your family and friends to come to your Florida beach wedding, the beach is an easy sell.

Unlike, say, getting married at the top of a mountain in winter! Here are some of the best beach wedding locations in Florida.

Panama City Beach Weddings

couple running on the beach in wedding attire

For Florida beach weddings on a budget, Panama City beach weddings are very popular.

In fact, affordable beach weddings are so highly sought after that there are dozens of companies offering Florida beach weddings and receptions packages in Panama City.

Be very cautious about the time of year that you are getting married on the beach in Florida, especially in Panama City.

With its location in the panhandle of Florida, Panama City is a very popular spring break destination, so unless you want your private beach wedding in Florida to be over-run by drunk college students, plan to get married when school is in session to avoid any headaches. 

Florida Keys Wedding

Florida Keys wedding

Getting married in the Keys is a dream for many people.

The farthest point south in the continental United States, the Keys have an exotic feel without the need for a passport.

The Florida keys stretch for over 100 miles from North Key Largo near Miami all the way down to Key West. For those planning a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, with plenty of Florida destination wedding venues along the way. Although they are slightly more challenging to reach, this also makes a Florida Keys wedding venue much more exclusive.

Whether you choose a Key West destination wedding, all-inclusive resort in the Florida Keys, or a low key Florida Keys wedding package, you can’t go wrong with any of the beach wedding destinations in the Keys.


The view of the water and sand at a beach wedding.

Another gulf coast wedding destination in the Florida panhandle is Destin, just 90 minutes west of Panama City Beach and famous for white sand beaches, golf courses, and nature preserves along the water.

If you are considering a Destin wedding, do keep in mind it’s much further north than other areas of Florida, so there are larger shifts in temperature.

This just means that a Destin Florida destination wedding will only be a tropical wedding destination in the summer months, and you’ll have cooler temperatures the rest of the year.

After Panama City, Destin is the #2 Florida destination for spring breakers, so heed the same warnings and be prepared for crowds during spring break. 


Wedding Cake by the Water

Just 20 minutes from Destin is the resort community of Sandestin. As a private resort community, Sandestin will be slightly more exclusive (and quiet) than nearby Destin or Panama City, however, the same Spring Break warning still applies.

Sandestin weddings can be planned in one of ten venues at the resort. Sandestin Florida wedding packages range from the beach to the golf course, as well as several elegant terraces and ballrooms. 

Other Wedding Venues in Florida

Other weddings in Florida

Of course, getting married in Florida doesn’t have to mean getting married on the beach in Florida.

There are plenty of Florida destination wedding locations that don’t involve the beach. Here are some of the best wedding destinations in Florida that don’t take place at the beach. 

Orlando Weddings

Orlando weddings

The number one travel destination in Florida is Orlando, and it’s 90 minutes to the nearest beach.

Although Orlando beach weddings are a misnomer, there are still plenty of wedding venues in Orlando. As you might expect from the theme park capital of the world, there are many unique wedding locations in Orlando.

If you are not looking for an affordable wedding in Florida, you can actually get married right at Disney World, or several of their resorts.

What better place to host a fairytale Florida destination wedding? Another bonus of an Orlando wedding is easy access for your guests, as there are direct flights from many U.S. cities.

Garden Weddings in Florida

setting up for a garden wedding in florida

Fancy an outdoor wedding in Florida, but the thought of sand and seagulls isn’t so romantic? Maybe a garden wedding in Florida is more your style.

With the tropical climate and lush foliage, there are many destination wedding packages in Florida that can be hosted in a garden.

Several wedding resorts in Florida have gardens available, with the bonus of nearby ballrooms in the case of inclement weather.

The Orlando area has several grand estates which offer wedding packages, as well as golf courses and country clubs around the state with amazing gardens. 

Florida Barn Weddings

A barn set up for a wedding

Barn weddings are all the rage these days, and Florida is no exception.

Why not combine the ambiance of a barn wedding with the fun of a destination wedding? Much of Florida is horse country, so there are no shortage of Florida barn wedding venues.

The barns available in Florida range greatly in size, and some of them are perfect for a small wedding in Florida.

For more casual families or large weddings with lots of kids running around, a rustic barn setting is the perfect wedding venue. Enjoy the warm Florida weather, with a place to retreat for those afternoon showers that are so common in Florida. 

Wedding Chapels in Florida 

Chapel wedding in Florida

A more traditional couple may choose to hold their destination wedding at a wedding chapel.

A wedding chapel is typically set up for weddings only, as opposed to a church which is multi-purpose. This makes it a great option for those who want a traditional wedding without the religious requirements of getting married in a church. There are many wedding chapels in Florida, from rustic, such as the chapel at Seaside in Seaside, FL, to extravagant, like Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.

If you are looking for all-inclusive destination wedding packages, you will have to look a bit harder to find wedding chapels in Florida that can also accommodate a reception.

Small wedding chapels in Florida are typically set up for the ceremony only. On the other hand, if you are planning a cheap destination wedding, a chapel is a great option as you can all then celebrate at a local restaurant rather than an expensive banquet room. Protection Status
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