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The Coalatree Adventure Blanket is Perfect for Cool Summer Nights

Tonya Prater, Owner

The eco-friendly Coalatree Adventure Blanket is ideal for van camping, hiking and even quiet nights at home.”

Note: I was provided the Kachula blanket in order to share it here.   

Walking through a field wrapped in a blanket with a cat and dog trailing behind.

I love to spend time outdoors during the summer.

A young woman walking in a field towards a wooded area with a Native American print Kachula blanket from Coalatree with a dog.

Hiking in the woods. 

Hanging out in the hammock.

Sitting around a bonfire. 


Those are some of my favorite things. 

A young woman walking in a field surrounded by a dog and two cats. She is wrapped in a Kachula blanket.

But I admit, even as an empty nester, it’s difficult to find time alone. 

Take this past week for instance. 

My son and his fiance stopped over and she and I decided to take a walk. 

As you can see from the photo above, we had plenty of company. 

Living in the country definitely has its benefits. 

But there are a few things some may consider drawbacks as well. 

Like the fact that everyone seems to think that our property is a drop off place for unwanted cats like this beautiful female orange cat (the one on the left). 

Two orange cats playing in the yard.

She was so hungry for attention when she arrived that she’d jump on our backs when we least expected it. Unpleasant? Yes! It’s seriously a miracle she survived. But we loved her and kept showering her with attention and eventually, she calmed down. 

The little fella on the right is Finnley, my adventure cat. Or so I hoped. My kids brought him home for Mother’s Day last year. Mama Cat quickly took him under her wing and they have been buddies ever since.

Finnley is cat #2. 

And he’s a tyrant. 

Then came #3. The kids found her as a small kitten in our driveway after they had been out one night. 

We all fell in love. 

Isn’t she beautiful? 

Felicity She is the opposite of Finnley. 

She is extremely loving. 

Next came Gus. He looks just like Felicity only he has short hair. We suspect they may be siblings since they were dropped off a few weeks apart. Gus is photo shy. 

After Gus came Baby Cat. We can’t even get a good photo of her because she won’t sit still long enough. My daughter actually found her down the road sitting on a couch that someone had thrown out. She was tiny and starved, weighing less than a pound when she was rescued. 

I thought we were done with cats but then Smoky showed up.  


He wouldn’t let us touch him when he showed up at our door. My husband even suspected he was feral but the vet suspects he was mistreated by his previous humans. He even required medical attention when he showed up at our house. 

He’s very cautious but after four months, is beginning to show us that he trusts us by allowing me to pet him on his head and on very few occasions even hold him. 

Stretching with the Coalatree Kachula blanket.

What does all this have to do with the Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket



Not a single thing. 

Except it does show that you don’t need to be traveling to make memories with your adventure blanket. You can enjoy it at home, in your own backyard. 

And I thought I’d share since all of the photos of my soon-to-be daughter-in-law contain either a cat, a dog or all the above.

And judging by the photos below, the blanket won over Finnley’s approval. 

A young woman in a field holding an orange cat who is peeking out from the blanket. Maybe it’s because he knows Coalatree is committed to creating products that are manufactured in ethical and eco-friendly facilities

Or that the blanket is made from recycled materials. 

It could be that the colors are eye-catching and that the blanket is dirt resistant, water, and stain resistant. 

Or maybe Finnley really just wanted to be held. 

Coalatree designs products that appeal to the adventurer in everyone and while I had fully planned to take mine on a camping adventure, it’s perfect to use at home too. 

I love how colorful and multi-functional the blanket is. 

It can transform into a travel pillow, an emergency poncho (it comes with a detachable hat) and can easily snap to other Kachula’s to become even larger.

The blanket is lightweight so makes a great addition on a hike. 

Has a smooth texture that repels water and dirt, making it the perfect blanket for the beach or a picnic in the woods. 

It also has a pocket where you can stash your phone, wallet or other things that you don’t want to hold on to. 

You can learn more about Coalatree and the Blanket Collection here. the blankets are also available for purchase on Amazon

The blanket shown in the photos is Escalante and sells for $79. 

A fuzzy orange cat peeking out from under a Kachula blanket.

I’m looking forward to many adventures with my Kachula Blanket. 

And those may or may not include my adventure cat(s).

Take a peek at the Coalatree website and tell me which of the blankets you’d like to take on your next adventure- at home or on the road. Protection Status
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