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EcoSurvivor is Outdoor Gear that Gives Back

This post is a sponsored post from Acorn Influencers. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Several years ago, my family went on a mission trip to the mountains of Honduras. Clean drinking water is readily available for the Hondurans, but as Americans, we were cautioned not to drink the water unless it had been filtered. At one point during our trip, we realized we were running out of water.

A store in an Honduras mountain village
It wasn’t a good feeling. It was hot, and our team was busy repairing homes. The thought of running out of water was scary. Water was a must and while water was available, our water was brought up the mountain and its arrival depended on whether or not it had rained overnight and if the roads were passable. Fortunately for us, we didn’t run out of water, but that experience led me to realize how grateful I am to live in a country where clean water is plentiful.

building fences in Honduras on a mission trip
That’s not the case for nearly one billion people who share our planet. Consider these statistics:
● 80% off illness in developing countries is linked to poor water.
● 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of five worldwide is due to a water-related disease
● 3,000 children die every day from a water-related illness.

For those who live in developing countries, clean water isn’t as simple as buying a filter for their faucet. It means women must trek an average of 3.75 miles to a water source and carry 44-pounds of water on their head. And if they are fortunate and able to buy water, the cost is 5-10 times higher in developing countries when compared to most other countries.

EcoSurvivor Teams up with Water4 to make a Difference

Are you heartbroken? I am. But there is something we can do. Water4 is an organization that works with local people to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. They have partnered with Fight for the Forgotten, founded by MMA fighter Justin Wren, to help the Mbuti Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to build over 58 water wells and gain freedom from their slave owners. It’s a remarkable story and I encourage you to learn more here.

EcoSurvivor by Jasco has generously vowed to support their mission by donating 50% of their net proceeds to Water4.

EcoSurvivor Outdoor Products are Built for Adventure

The Ecosurvivor Lantern was built for adventure

EcoSurvivor offers reliable, sustainable and durable outdoor products for adventurous families and individuals. I recently received a couple of their products which I’ve been using and look forward to using as the weather continues to warm up and I can spend more time outdoors.

eating breakfast in the woods

It doesn’t matter if I’m van camping or tent camping, every camper knows that a great lantern is a must have and is always a priority when it comes time to pack my camping gear. Whether you use it to light your camp at night so you can play card games, need a lantern to light the inside of your tent, or need it to light the path to the bathhouse after dark, you’ll be glad to have a lantern when camping.

The EcoSurvivor Durable LED Lantern has a few features that I appreciate and a surprise feature that I love.

Hiking with the EcoSurvivor lantern

● It offers up to 200 hours of battery life with 3-level dimming
● Has a locking carabiner handle
● Offers a whiter and brighter LED light that never needs replaced
● Provides 360 degree of light up to 60 feet away
● Is water, dust and impact resistant.

Ecosurvivor lantern lighting the way to clean water for people around the world

And the feature I love the most? The EcoSurvivor Lantern has a built-in USB device charging port allowing you to stay connected when you want to or at least ensuring your device is powered up in case of an emergency if you don’t.

Setting up camp with Ecosurvivor

I recently spent time outdoors with my husband and oldest son enjoying the Jasco EcoSurvivor products, especially the camping lantern. Originally, my husband and I had planned to spend part of this week camping but the weather hasn’t cooperated. It’s been cold and rainy, after all, it is spring. However, we still managed to find some time to sneak away to the woods for a bit of nature therapy. I packed my backpack and my son grabbed our tent and hammocks and we set off with our dog to seek out a place to set up camp.

camping in our woods

My husband and I have spent time outdoors with our kids since they were little and now they all enjoy connecting to nature. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day after being cooped up indoors all winter.

I relaxed, taking in the deep woodsy smell of pine, thankful that outdoor adventures are never far away.

setting up camp

Our new favorite way to relax is in the hammocks that we picked up a couple weeks ago. They’re going to be a great addition when we camp. I can’t even tell you how peaceful it is to gently sway back and forth in the hammock watching the treetops overhead.  We even our dog got in on the action.

Hammocking with our dog

Originally, my husband and I had considered camping in the woods overnight, but as the evening wore on and it began to get really chilly, we opted to walk back to the house as our new lantern lit the way.

The end of our camping trip

You can learn more about Water4 and purchase the EcoSurvivor Durable LED Lantern and other dual-purpose products at Remember, 50% of each purchase helps provide clean drinking water to those in need. Plus, EcoSurvivor doesn’t just sell LED lanterns. They have additional gear that will enhance your camping experience.

walking back to the house

In addition to the lantern, they also sent me a durable pyramid tent light (which I can’t wait to use for van camping too!) and a rugged battery pack that my middle son has already told me he will claim when he deploys.

Ecosurvivor by Jasco Products

The tent light uses only one AAA battery which provides 2.5 hours of light and has a hook to hang from the top of the tent or a stand, so it will sit up. Plus, the hinge on the hook allows it to be positioned in multiple ways which is ideal for those nights when I have a bit of work to finish up when we’re van camping, but my husband is trying to sleep. I was surprised by how much light this little lantern puts out!

EcoSurvivor Products

The EcoSurvivor Battery Pack stands up to the elements. Like the camping lantern, it is impact, dust and water resistant. It has a protective cover to protect the charging ports when not in use and features a USB port with 2.4A output and a micro USB charging port. The silicone rubberized housing makes it easy to hold on to but if you prefer you can add a lanyard to the battery pack, so you know where it is at all times. The power button lights up the battery life display, so you can see when it’s time to recharge. You can view these products and more at

What adventures do you have planned this summer?


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Many of us never need to consider where our drinking water comes from or if it’s going to make us sick, but to 3 billion humans on our planet, that is not the case. 3,000 children die each day due to contaminated drinking water. You can help change that with something as easy as purchasing the right outdoor gear. EcoSurvivor by @jascoproducts has teamed up with Water4 to make clean drinking water more accessible to those in Third World countries by donating 50% of their proceeds to this organization. #ad #ecosurvivor #outdoors #camping #outdoorgear #campinggear Protection Status
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