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Ideas for Weekend Getaways in Ohio

One of the best things about living in Ohio is the opportunity for so many weekend getaways. In addition to easy and fantastic getaways to Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, there are tons of fun weekend getaways in Ohio.

No matter your travel style, there’s a weekend getaway and many vacation destinations in Ohio for you to choose from. 

Ideas for weekend getaways in Ohio

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If you’re looking for specific things to do in Ohio you may want to check out our Ohio Bucket List post and download our free printable. It will keep you busy this summer! 

Ideas for Weekend Getaways in Ohio

This post should give you some ideas of what to do on your getaway, and when you’re ready to start planning, I have tons of Ohio travel ideas to finalize your plans. 

Romantic Getaways in Ohio

A couple enjoying a sunset.

From urban weekend getaways to rural retreats, there are tons of options for romantic getaways in Ohio. For some couples, a romantic hotel and room service are enough to make the perfect romantic weekend getaway. However, other couples prefer to be more active, try new things, or indulge in a favorite hobby.

For those couples, I have some great recommendations for planning a romantic weekend in Ohio. Here are just a few of the things you can do on your romantic Ohio getaway.

  • Wine tasting in Ohio’s wine country. There are nearly 300 wineries in Ohio to explore!
  • Explore Ohio’s unique lodging opportunities, including a treehouse village or an authentic Scottish croft or cottage
  • Take a horsedrawn carriage or sleigh ride through Ohio’s Amish Country
  • Take a cruise: whether it’s a steamboat dinner cruise on the Ohio River or a sunset cruise on Lake Erie, being on the water is always romantic! 
  • Go stargazing in Ohio! Find a dark spot far from city lights, or visit one of Ohio’s several observatories. Stargazing is both relaxing and romantic!
  • Plan an island getaway to one of Lake Erie’s many islands

Cheap Getaways in Ohio

Dancing Hares in Dublin, Ohio Roadside Attraction

A weekend getaway in Ohio doesn’t have to be expensive. Too many people put off travel because they think they can’t afford it, but there are plenty of free or low-cost things to do in Ohio. Sometimes, all you need is a tank of gas and a sense of adventure in order to plan your affordable Ohio weekend getaway.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore many of Ohio’s affordable destinations and activities, especially since there are so many fun seasonal experiences to have in Ohio. If you need ideas for cheap getaways in Ohio, keep reading!

  • Plan a road trip around Ohio’s best roadside attractions. You can pack a picnic lunch and be home by dinner, or find a quirky roadside motel for an overnight trip. 
  • Hiking is one of the most affordable hobbies you can find, and there is a ton of great hiking in Ohio. In most cases, it’s completely free, so pick a region of Ohio, pack your hiking boots, and hit the trail!
  • Visit an orchard for seasonal produce. Ohio has opportunities for cherry-picking, apple picking, strawberry farms, and more! Plan a weekend around what’s in season, and a baking day to use up all that fruit!
  • Explore public art in one of Ohio’s many cities, like the Ohio Art Corridor in the Appalachian Region, or the Holmes County Open Air Art Museum.

Family Getaways in Ohio

A family enjoying the great outdoors.

Getting away as a family can be difficult, especially as your kids get older and have jobs or sports that create scheduling conflicts. Long vacations can be tough to plan, but planning a family weekend getaway doesn’t take as much schedule shuffling. Luckily, no matter where you live in Ohio, there are tons of options for family weekend getaways. Having a hard time finding something the whole family can agree on? Start with this list:

  • Take advantage of Ohio’s status as “roller coaster capital of the world.” Amusement parks and water parks make for some of the best family getaways in Ohio and you’ll have lots of options to choose from. 
  • Help your kids become a Junior Ranger at one of Ohio’s many National Park Service sites. Or plan a trip to hit all of the sites and get those passport stamps!
  • Plan an educational getaway that brings history to life. From ancient native mounds, Presidential homes, battlefields, and historic homes, gardens, and cemeteries, Ohio is full of interesting historic sites!
  • Plan a road trip around some of the best Christmas light displays in Ohio!

Girls Weekends in Ohio

Two women enjoying some sightseeing.

Sometimes the best weekend getaways are those you take with your girlfriends. Romantic weekend and family weekends are great, but every once in a while, you just need a little girl time. Finding something everyone can agree on can be challenging, so here’s a good list to get you started on your next girlfriend’s getaway in Ohio. 

(Pro tip: when you’re all together, set aside some time to plan the next get together. It’s way easier than doing it over email!)

  • Wine tasting is perfect for a romantic getaway or a girl’s weekend. Ohio has a lush wine-growing region along the shores of Lake Erie and many tasting rooms throughout the state. 
  • Plan a foodie trip around one of Ohio’s many food trails. Ohio has a donut trail, an ice cream trail, and a burger trail. There are also ale trails, and a whiskey, wine, and ale trail. Every fun weekend needs a theme!
  • Plan a pre-Christmas shopping trip. Have fun with your girlfriends and get your Christmas shopping done, all in one trip! From antiques to designer boutiques, Ohio has some great shopping destinations. 

Camping Getaways in Ohio

A tent lit up under the trees at night.

Sometimes it’s nice to pack up and get away from it all. That’s when all of Ohio’s state parks come in handy. Not only do we have some fabulous lodges and free access to the parks, but we also have wonderful state park campgrounds. My husband and I enjoyed camping with our kids when they were younger and it was such an affordable weekend getaway for families! It may surprise you that now that the kids are grown, we still enjoy camping. Whether we camp solo or join our kids, we still love to spend time in the great outdoors. 

Here are a few things to do when you’re camping. 

  • Give geocaching a try. If you’ve never sought out a geocache you really don’t know what you’re missing! 
  • Hunt for bigfoot
  • Go bird watching and find bald eagles, egrets and other birds common to Ohio (and if you’re lucky, some not so common)
  • Build a campfire and roast marshmallows for S’mores
  • Take a hike to a waterfall
  • Play disc golf at several of our state parks 
  • Rent a kayak and get out on the water.

Other ideas include a Foodie Weekend Getaway, Weekend Getaways with Teens, Shopping getaways in Ohio and getaways for history lovers. 

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Do you have a favorite weekend getaway in Ohio that I haven’t thought of? Tell us about it in the comments!


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