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Exploring the Ohio Bird Sanctuary near Mansfield, Ohio

I’m continuing the A-Z Blogging Challenge with the letter E and the Around Ohio in 30 Days series.

Exploring the grounds of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary near Mansfield Ohio
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary has been a favorite attraction for my family since my grown kids were small. When they were in elementary school, we’d visit with our homeschool group for field trips and on other occasions as a family.

It’s one of those locations near home that I love to take people to. And not surprising, many people that live in the area have never visited.

The Visitor Center at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary has been in existence since 1988 at a private residence and moved to the current location at Camp Avery Hand since 1995. The sanctuary exists to educate the public on the birds native to Ohio, while caring for birds that were born in captivity or those born in the wild that have sustained injuries and can no longer survive in the wild.

Birds at Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Lexington, Ohio

Some of the resident birds include a Turkey Vulture, Barred Owl, Great Horned Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, and Peregrine Falcon. Birds of Prey are used in educational programs and are often traveling with staff from the Bird Sanctuary to schools and to offer special programs at Malabar Farm, Gorman Nature Center and Mohican State Park.

Bird Housing at Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Lexington, Ohio.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary offers a Visitors Center, a receiving area and medical center for birds, a walk-through songbird aviary, and hiking trials.

The birds in the songbird avairy at Ohio Bird Sanctuary are very friendly.

Meal worms are sold in the Visitor Center for those who would like to feed the songbirds in the aviary. Meal worms nearly guarantee the birds will land on your hand, but birds are very friendly so don’t be surprised by a surprise landing.

This free attraction plans to open for the 2015 season on April 15th. Check out the Ohio Bird Sanctuary website for more information.

Amy B

Monday 6th of April 2015

Interesting place. I love birds. When I lived in Costa Rica, I went bird watching and saw tons of gorgeous birds! Now I follow different bird groups, and I even support petitions to protect birds through Change. org There was a man who was arrested for saving two bald eagles who had fallen from their nest and were injured. He took them to a bird sanctuary and apparently, it's against the law to move an eagle. He finally had his name cleared. One of the injured eagles has been released back into the wild and the other will be shortly. Crazy that someone who obviously only cared about the welfare of a couple of birds to take them to professional bird handlers risked his good name and freedom. Thank you for sharing this this post! Amy New reader from A to Z Challenge Protection Status
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