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How to Ensure your Hotel Smells Fresh with Every Stay

How to Ensure your Hotel Smells Fresh with every stay

After a very cold and long winter, spring has finally arrived. For me, that means planning spring and summer trips. I know, I know. Any excuse to get on the road right?

I’ve already been out and about in Ohio and so far, I’ve taken a trip to Gatlinburg with my husband and several road trips to West Virginia.

Exploring West Virginia

In fact, as I type this, I’m sitting at a desk in Super 8. For my husband and oldest son, this is a work trip.

Working in a hotel room

I’m visiting for a couple days to drop off clean clothes, cook a couple meals that taste like home cooking, deliver a few smooches and then I’ll be on my way and packing for yet another trip. You just can’t keep this travel blogger at home.

But before you get the wrong impression and think all this travel is glamourous, allow me to give you a real peek into my life right now.

While my husband and son are on the job making money, I’m stuck here in the hotel. Not exploring the nearby area like I’m able to do on some trips. Today I am working and catching up on blog posts that are overdue. It’s not all bad. I have Pandora to keep me company so I can listen to whatever floats my boat while I type. It’s a beautiful day outside, and the view isn’t entirely bad, well if you count staring at the Holiday Inn Express next door a good view.

Staring at the Holiday Inn Express from my hotel room

Our room isn’t bad- though it is a bit on the cozy side. Especially considering my husband and son will call this home for the next couple weeks. Which means they have quite a bit of stuff.

And as you can imagine, a hotel room with men who aren’t the tidiest can begin to deteriorate and become a bit unkempt. It also may begin to smell.

With a tub of dirty work clothes,

A tub of dirty laundry can make your hotel room smell

Stinky shoes,

Stinky shoes in a hotel room can be bad news

And cooking meals in the hotel room, the room begins to get that stuffy, pent up odor.

Dinner is served. Hotel room cooking style. 😉 #travellife #hotelstays #food #ontheroad #thisismylife

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Did I mention their aversion to housekeeping? Unless they run out of towels or the trash is overflowing, you’ll find a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

It’s a good thing for them that I’m a genius and have their best interests at heart. I come prepared. Not only can I cook in a hotel room like a pro, I can clean that room so well that housekeeping has been known to ask if it’s been slept in.

I have mastered the art of making beds in a hotel room

I can also ensure the hotel room smells fresh and clean- even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it is.

At home, I’m a big fan of candles and wax melts, but hotels frown upon candles. Instead, I plug in an Air Wick or Febreze Noticables Notables scented oil warmers and the room smells amazing. There is also a bonus since I use the same products at home. When the guys step inside the hotel room at the end of the day, they encounter a familiar scent which makes being away from home a tiny bit more bearable.

Use AirWick Scented Oil warmers to keep your hotel room smelling Fresh and Clean

The scented oil warmer and scented refills are pretty inexpensive too, so when they forget to unplug it and pack it up, it’s not a big deal. A forgotten scented warmer and refill is certainly less expensive than leaving behind a queen size down filled comforter that we…ahem… won’t mention right now.

You can pick up candles, wax melts, warmers, and scented oils and refills in the air care aisle at your local Walmart, near the cleaning supplies.

The traveler in me loves that Air Wick has partnered with the National Park Foundation to help preserve America’s National Parks with scented oils inspired by the parks.  The Hot Springs scent with hints of water and wildflowers is a Walmart exclusive.

Whether you are a frequent traveler, or not, these scents can transport you to another place and make your home (and hotel) smell fresh and clean with every stay.

What scents make you think of spring?

Disclosure: As an ambassador on the #SmellsClean campaign I did receive products and monetary compensation so share how I use these products. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own.


Sunday 28th of June 2015

I love your post. I am definitely adding Airwicks to my list for the hotel room. Thank you!


Tuesday 30th of June 2015

Makes a difference- especially if you'll be there for a bit.

The Educational tourist

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

Interesting idea! I'll remember that one. Smell is supposed to trigger memories more than anything else. Very clever!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist Protection Status
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