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15 Gift Ideas for Van Campers

Tonya Prater, Owner

Do you have someone in your life who enjoys van camping that you want to shop for? You’re in luck! We’re sharing gift ideas for van campers that they are sure to love. 

15 gift ideas for the van camper in your life

Van camping is different than tent camping, of course, but it is also different than motor home camping, which means that shopping for gifts for these types of campers is going to be a little bit different. If you are looking for gift ideas for the van camper in your life, look no further than this list that I have put together for you.

15 Gift Ideas for the Van Camper in Your Life

Check out these gift ideas for the van camper in your life and have a wonderful holiday season!

A handy travel towel is important for any camper. Whether they need a towel for showering at the campground, swimming at the lake or because they got caught in the rain, towels are a necessity. A compact, travel-friendly towel that dries quickly is ideal for a van camper who is trying to save on space. My husband and I each have a similar towel to what is pictured and while it’s true that it takes up very little space, it’s not as absorbent as your bathroom towel at home. The trade-off is that if you’re van camping, you’re not at home; you’re making memories on the road.  

Travel Towel

A mini-fridge is awesome for keeping food and drinks cool, but also plugs into the cigarette lighter in a car, making it handy for the van camper life. If you prefer an alternative to something that plugs in you may check out this cooler which is what my husband and I use. Our son borrowed it and liked it so much that he ended up purchasing one for himself. 

Mini Fridge

We all know how easy it is for our cars to get messy, especially when we are on the road. This car seat organizer is a great way to help your van camping loved one keep their van organized. If you’re like me, you may want something a bit larger. I found similar collapsible bins that I use to store our clothes and some of our van camping gear when we’re camping in our minivan. If we’re taking the Promaster out, we generally use plastic bins like these

Car Seat Organizer

Keep your van camping loved ones safe with a nice roadside assistance kit. A kit like this comes with a case that makes it easy to store out of the way. Plus, this is one of those things that people don’t generally buy for themselves but if they have to use it even once, they’re happy to have it. 

Roadside Assistance Kit

One can never have too many lights when van camping or camping in general. A cute set of LED, battery-powered lights like these will help any van camper light up their mobile living space without taking up any of that living space, also without using any of the van’s battery.

LED Light Sets

An awning room like this can easily hook up along the back or side of the camper’s van in order to expand their living space while they are camping. This is ideal for primitive campgrounds. There is enough space that you can stand up and get dressed and even have a portable toilet; though that is something most people don’t like to talk about but are thankful to have. We’ll come back to the toilet in a bit. 

Awning Room

My husband and I made our own curtains for our minivan and I share step-by-step instructions on how to make these easy to make privacy curtains but I know not everyone enjoys DIY projects so I’ll give you another option. You can help the van camper in your life maintain their privacy during their camp trips with these pre-made curtains for their van.

Window Curtains

This is probably my favorite item on this entire list! Every camper needs a hammock to relax in for their time in nature. This one holds up to 500 pounds so it’s good for couples.

Camping Hammock

I realize that a toilet might not seem like the typical Christmas gift, but hear me out. Someone who loves camping out in nature can appreciate having a restroom available regardless of whether or not there is a restroom at their campground.

Travel Toilet

If you are shopping for a mini-van camper, a minivan tent would make a great gift! A minivan tent like this one frees up space in a van. If you want your set-up to feel really spacious, check out this SUV tent.  It fits our Dodge Grand Caravan perfectly and is ideal for those that are van camping in the same area for several days. You can simply detach the tent from your vehicle and it is a stand-alone tent. This is perfect because you don’t have to pack up camp every time you come and go.  

Minivan Tent

This Portable Grill easily folds down to a packable size. No more battling with a grill that rattles during the drive down the road and easy cleanup is a bonus!

Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

One of the greatest things about traveling is the memories that you make. A travel journal like this is a great way to take notes along the way to help those memories come to life as you are looking back through it.

Travel Journal

Not all campgrounds have showers available and not all campers even camp at campgrounds. With the gift of a portable shower (and dry shampoo for the ladies), every van camper can stay clean on their journey!

Portable Shower

Camping can get messy. With all of the dirt and leaves, pine needles and various other things that can be brought into the car from the campground, a hand-held vacuum like this one is a must-have!

Hand-Held Vacuum

Camping out of a van might mean that the van is packed full of gear, but it doesn’t have to be too packed to drive comfortably. A rooftop cargo carrier like this is an ideal way to store camping gear for the drive.

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

There you have it! Our gift list of ideas for van campers. I hope you got some ideas! 

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