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Best National Parks to Road Trip Through

Tonya Prater, Owner

A national park road trip is never a bad idea. Whether you are planning a spring, summer, fall or winter trip, you’ll find a national park somewhere that would make a great road trip!

This National Park Road Trip features stunning views along the Eastern Seashore in Acadia national park.

Road tripping through our countries beautiful national parks is a great way to see some of the most incredible, untouched land in the United States. The road trip doesn’t end when you get there though, because there are several that are so big and so scenic that you’ll find its impossible to see everything in the park in one trip. Plus, they are so vast that social distancing probably won’t be as difficult as you may think. 

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A National Park Road Trip: Social Distance and Scenic Views

These are some of the best national parks to road trip through, some of which might already be on your bucket list and others might be entirely new to you. So pack your masks and set off on a trip of a lifetime!

Bison in Lamar Valley a short distance from the Roughrider Cabins in Yellowstone national park.

Yellowstone National Park
Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Once you see how widespread the area encompassing Yellowstone is on a map, you get an idea of why this national park makes a great road trip option. You won’t want to miss any of the highlights of Yellowstone National Park, which are scattered throughout the park. An ideal trip through the area can take up to a week or more, though we’ve seen many of the highlights in 24-hours. For an exceptional road trip, and if you have time, you can even tack on sections of Grand Tetons National Park and Dinosaur National Monument.

Note: If you plan to stay in the national park, secure your reservations well in advance. Properties in Yellowstone, including the campgrounds, frequently sell out during their peak season.

A foggy mountain scene in Yosemite National Park

Photo Credit: Canva

Yosemite National Park

California’s Yosemite National Park is an excellent choice for a drive through road trip because it gives you one of the most encompassing views of this part of the country. Everything from beaches to mountains to ocean view cliffs and lush forests can be enjoyed from within the park. The drive itself, from point to point is so incredibly scenic that it might take more time than you have to get through it all.

A great year- round option, you do have to really plan what you want to see and keep in mind that though the park is open all year, there are some areas that are not accessible in the winter months.


A gorgeous water scene in Crater lake National Park.

Photo Credit: Canva

Crater Lake National Park

The entire state of Oregon makes a great road trip destination, but Crater Lake is a beautiful national park that should not be overlooked. This beautiful destination is part of the Crater Lake Loop and the Pacific Crest Trail, so in addition to tourists who are driving through, it also attracts a fair amount of hikers that are eager to hike through.

It’s important to book hotel, lodges, and campsites well in advance of your own road trip if you plan to stay in the area. By taking the Crater Lake Loop, you can see this beautiful destination from all angles.

The shoreline in Acadia national park

Photo Credit: Canva

Acadia National Park

This is an especially unique road trip option, because the majority of the national park is on an island along the eastern coast. The oldest park east of the Mississippi, it’s diverse location is marked by rocky cliffs, miles of mountainous trails, and acres of pristine forest. The roads that run the perimeter and through Acadia offer amazing views- perfect for a scenic road trip. Acadia offers visitors time at the beach, a lake vacation, great hikes, or a nice climb. All of which are possible at this destination.

If you’re planning a cross country road trip, or plan to visit several national parks over the course of the year, you may consider purchasing a national parks pass. Not only could it save you money, but the money collected via sales also go to support our national parks.

Do you have a favorite national park? Or one that you would love to visit? Tell us which one you’d like to visit in the comments.

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