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Because No One Wants Their House or Hotel Room to Smell

I am an ambassador for the #SmellsClean campaign with Acorn Influence and their advertiser. I have received product and or compensation in exchange for sharing my thoughts and opinions on the products found in the air care aisle at Walmart.

Five Simple Steps to keep your Space Clean and Smelling Good on the Road #SmellsClean


Who LOVES a stinky house?

Well, don’t everyone raise their hands at once!

I’ll let you in on a little secret- few things upset me more than a messy, stinky house. But sometimes my house can be clean and still be a little stinky. I’ll give you an example.

Once we went on vacation and I cleaned furiously before we hit the road so my family could walk in the door to a clean house. Only guess what? The house was clean but I’d forgotten to empty the trash. And it sat there for ten long days. Let’s just say, unlocking the front door and stepping across the threshold was not the “Home Sweet Home” moment I was anticipating.

Stinky trash forgotten during vacation

Forgetting to take out the trash before leaving on vacation can have stinky consequences.

Do you know what else I can’t stand? Stinky hotel rooms. Nothing says welcome to your home away from home like a big whiff of stale smoke when you open a hotel room door. My family has experienced that more than once. In fact, when my family traveled with my husbands’ job, I learned to travel with my own cleaning supplies.

Finally, I detest stinky cars. And my sense of smell is very sensitive. My husband blames it on my… ummm… somewhat large nose…but I can pretty much sniff out anything. It’s a gift. Or a curse. Maybe it’s both. I’m not sure yet. But that rotting apple under the back seat of the mini-van? Yep. I’m on it. Stinky feet, BO or long road trips with three males who think it’s funny to pass gas (don’t they ever outgrow that?) do not get past this nose.

I’ve now found the solution to end all stink.

Air Care Aisle Products to make your house smell good

Candles. Scented Oils. Wax Melts. Room Spray.

Scents like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Acadia, influenced by our National Parks, a blend of Sweet Vanilla & Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie Diner, Autumn Harvest or Maple Tree Inn. Are you beginning to sense a theme here? That’s right, it’s fall y’all! And the air care aisle of your favorite store is filled with incredible scents that will leave your home smelling clean and fresh, like you’ve been baking for days.

A little bit of Febreze air freshener goes a long way towards making your house smell clean.

A little bit of Febreze air freshener goes a long way towards making your house smell clean.

I recently stopped by my local Walmart to pick up a Febreze vent clip for my minivan and could barely pull myself away from the air care aisle. I was surprised by the selection.

SC Johnson products in the air care aisle at Walmart

SC Johnson products in the air care aisle at Walmart

The vent clip was so simple to use. I opened the package in the parking lot, pushed the clip up until it clicked to activate the clip, clipped it on my vent, and was surprised with the immediate fresh scent that doesn’t simply mask the odors, but eliminates them.

The next day, my husband rode in my van and commented on how good it smelled. I think he could benefit with a vent clip for his trunk but he’s not taking the hint.

5 Items to pack on your next road trip to ensure your space #SmellsClean

5 Ways to Keep your Space Fresh & Clean on the Road

When I road trip with my family, I always pack a #SmellsClean toolkit.

  1. Trial size disinfectant.

Not only will this ensure the toilet seat is germ free before you go, it will freshen the room after. Essential in small spaces.

  1. Disinfecting wipes.

These come in handy for quickly wiping down the phone, clock, radio and tables (especially if you’re eating off them).

3. A small bottle of your favorite air freshener.

I use Febreze to cover any less than fresh scents in the room.

  1. Portable Detergent Sticks.

Oh how I wish these had been invented when my kids were toddlers! These are great for those moments when someone wipes little (or big) fingers across the bedspread after nibbling on some chocolate.

  1. Air Wick, Febreze Notables or Glade Wax Melts.

Hotels don’t often allow you to light candles in the rooms, so I normally pack an Air Wick, Febreze spray or my warmer with my Glade Wax Melts. Within minutes of plugging them in to the outlet, they can scent a room.

Because if your house, hotel room or car smells clean, it must be right? Well, we can pretend. But truly, if your space smells great all is good in the world. Well, almost.

How do you keep your home, hotel room or vehicle smelling fresh? #SmellsClean Protection Status
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