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Pack for Adventure and Travel Confidently with Depend® Silhouette®

This post is sponsored by Depend®. All opinions are my own.

You know I love to travel and let very little keep me at home. If I’m not camping in the backyard, or road tripping with my husband, I’m planning day trips through Ohio or planning our next great family vacation. Travel is my happy place. 

But travel isn’t always as comfortable as it used to be. 

As a woman nearing 50, I’ve discovered how uncomfortable and embarrassing bladder leaks can be. 

Yes, I went there. 

And let me say that no one ever told me in addition to crazy hormones and increased facial hair, a leaky bladder would be something to anticipate as I aged too. Ughh…

Packing all the essentials for an overnight.

If you’re like me, this isn’t something you like to consider but I like to think that it’s always better to be prepared than embarrassed.

Queue Depend® Silhouette® underwear. Not only does the shapewear smooth those extra pounds around my middle, but the absorbent fabric also helps me feel confident. 

So when I’m traveling long distances with my husband, on the trails hiking, or even spending a day running errands, I no longer fear those oops moments.

Why do I choose Depend® Silhouette®? First, quality. I trust Depend® Silhouette® because the comfortable leg elastics prevent leaks and the super absorbent material traps and locks in odor so I can confidently do all the things I want to do without embarrassment. 

Plus, I don’t have to worry about bulky underwear showing under my yoga pants because the shapewear fabric is soft and smooth and doesn’t show through my clothes. Bonus! 

I know when I’m road tripping, open restrooms can be few or far between. Or when I wake up in the middle of the night on a camping trip and the restroom is a bit of a jaunt (or already in use), or when we’re hiking and the trail is a bit longer than anticipated and I don’t quite make it back to the porta-potty in time, with Depend® Silhouette® I won’t be embarrassed due to wetness or odor (yeah, there’s that too) if I experience bladder leaks.

Depend® Silhouette® is available in-store at Walmart so you can pick them up when you’re buying your other necessities but, I’ll let you in on a little secret. While I’m glad to have products that allow me to live my best life, I don’t necessarily like to purchase Depend® Silhouette® when I’m shopping in-store.
Buy in-store or online for Walmart Pickup & Delivery.
I know, it’s really not a big deal but for those of you who feel the same as me, there is a workaround. Wanna know what it is? I simply do my shopping online. 
You may know Walmart Pickup & Delivery is a huge time saver for grocery shopping but you may not know that you can order other products as well. Learn More about  Depend® Silhouette® and travel with confidence. 
Simply go to the Walmart website or app, place your order and select your pickup time. Your order will be ready for you when you arrive at the store. And you won’t even have to go inside which is great for those who may be taking precautions right now.
Personally, ordering online saves me time and money because I don’t opt to make the impulse buys that I do in-store. Add Depend® Silhouette® to your next Online Pickup & Delivery order HERE.
I realize bladder leaks may be a tough subject to talk about, but you need to hear about it from someone. Thankfully, Depend® Silhouette® has us covered when or if the need arises! Protection Status
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