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Relax for Less at Lakeside near Sandusky

Tonya Prater, Owner

Relax at Lakeside for LessTalk to someone who has been to Lakeside near Sandusky, and you’ll catch a faraway look in their eyes… for it is an AHHH kind of place where the world’s hustle is left behind. Building sandcastles, topping the score at shuffleboard,  strolling the dock with a fresh gelato- these are the few of the favorite things you’ll find at this community that borders Lake Erie. There truly is no place quite like Lakeside Chautauqua- a perfect summer location, that offers spiritual, educational, cultural, and recreational activities during its 11- week season.

Vacationing at Lakeside is popular with families who may rent a cottage, camp, or stay at Hotel Lakeside or the Fountain Inn. In Chautauqua style, supervised activities for children are ongoing throughout the week. Lakeside is well known for its safe environment for children and families who want to play miniature golf, swim, take a walk, or a nap. The Splash Park brings giggles and laughter for children ages 3-12.

Families can stay for the entire season, one week, or for the day. There is a gate fee per person and an additional pass is required for your car. Passes can be bought for Partial Day or a Daily Pass,  which begins when you arrive, and ends at 7 pm the following evening. Included in the Daily pass is a wealth of entertainment choices that are offered most evenings.  Every season, Lakeside offers wholesome family entertainment. You can listen to the tunes of Jazz, Bluegrass, Motown, Pop, and Lakeside’s very own symphony. For more information about all the evening events, go to

Walking along Lake Erie at Lakeside

Visit Lakeside Free of Charge

There are also ways to go for a short visit too, without paying fees. Lakeside is very generous when it comes to sharing its Christian faith. Free passes are available for two differing events- Sunday worship, and the Faith for Living Series. The free passes include all guests and auto.

On Sundays, the Church Pass can be requested at the gate from 7:30-10:30 am and is valid until 3 pm.  There are three places to worship: the United Methodist Church, Hoover Auditorium, and a Lakeside tradition. Dockside worship at the Pavilion is at 8:30 am, and provides refreshing outdoor breezes and a sparkling lake view. What better view can you think of for worship?

The Faith for Living Hour Pass is offered Monday – Thursday. Each week, Lakeside presents a  Preacher of the Week who delivers inspiring messages during the hour-long session held from 9:15-10:15. If you arrive between 8:30- 9:00, you can ask for this pass, enjoy an inspiring message, and have until 2 pm to browse the unique gift shops, enjoy lunch, or take a leisurely walk on the path that overlooks the lake, to name a few ideas. The Faith for Living Hour Pass will offer a taste of the Chautauqua experience.  If you stay past 2 pm, you can pay a small fee for each hour after the pass expires when you exit the gate. Make sure you have your pass stamped when you are at the service to avoid additional fees.

Fun by the Lake at Lakeside

Food & Refreshment at Lakeside

Lakeside has several popular dining options. There is a welcoming coffee shop with wi-fi access that will impress the coffee lover in the family. If coffee isn’t your drink of choice, you’ll find smoothies and ice cream with tables set up outside.

The Patio Restaurant provides fresh homemade doughnuts each morning and is a great place to dine in and enjoy American Cuisine. Tables are also set up outside.

Sloopy’s Sports Cafe is famous for its prize-winning spaghetti sauce, and a wide variety of fresh sourdough pizza, chicken, and wings. 

Hotel Lakeside offers a fancier atmosphere with delicious family meals.  After dinner, guests are welcome to relax on the porch in a rocking chair to watch the sailboats on the lake.

For those who don’t want to leave the beach area, there is a small concession for a quick hot dog or sandwich, with many picnic areas around for seating. Frozen treats of Gelatos, ice cream, and smoothies are abundant.

Whether you are looking for a place to vacation or a break from the normal daily grind, Lakeside Chautauqua is the perfect getaway to dive into fun, culture, learning, rest, and beauty; all in one place.

Have you been to Lakeside? What appeals to you most?

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