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The Retro Wooden Speaker that’s Perfect for Adventure

Tonya Prater, Owner

This retro wooden speaker is made for adventure! It weighs less than a pound but packs big sound in a tiny package ideal for road trips, the beach, and camping trips.

Muzen Rosewood Duffle OTR speaker and portable carry case

I don’t agree to review products much these days but when I was contacted to see if I was interested in checking out the Muzen OTR wood radio, I could not resist.

Just look at how cute this miniature retro radio is! Have you ever seen anything cuter? It certainly appealed to my love of all things vintage because it definitely has that look, even if it is brand new.

OTR Wood speaker

This Retro Wooden Speaker is a MUST Have for Adventure Seekers

The late Jack Kerouac, an iconic American novelist, once penned “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry”. With that adventurous spirit in mind, the “On the Road” or “OTR” for short, portable radio and Bluetooth speakers were designed. Created to cater to individuals seeking adventure and beauty. Music lovers who aim to live life to the fullest and integrate sound in their everyday experiences at home and on the go.

When it arrived, I was thrilled to remove it from the box to realize that it came not only with a sturdy leather duffle bag, it also came with this adorable messenger bag with detachable strap. The Messenger is free for a limited time with every purchase of the Rosewood Duffle when you use this code: Duffle4FREE, but it also came with some fun accessories.


Muzen radio with leather accessories

Isn’t this messenger bag handy?  Sling the speaker over your shoulder when you’re going for a hike or taking a quick walk around the block and don’t want to pack the leather duffle bag.

Lit up and strapped

This fashion-forward device appeals to the fashion savvy musicphiles, audiophiles, in-home design aficionados and those with wanderlust. The tiny hand-held device uses a High-Fidelity Loudspeaker to produce a full-range of sound compatible with any kind of computer or mobile device.

But let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how darn cute the speaker is if the sound is crap, right? So, let’s talk about the important stuff. I was blown away by the sound and that I could play the speaker in the living room and hear it next door in the kitchen and down the hallway. The sound quality is surprisingly good. This radio isn’t just a pretty exterior, it really delivers.

the bottom of the muzen speaker

Back of the radio

all the goods

I can’t wait to take this radio hammocking, van camping, and road tripping. I’m even trying to figure out if I have enough room in my carry-on to pack this pretty hand-carved speaker on my upcoming trip to Ireland so my husband and I can listen to all the folk songs and Celtic tunes I have on my playlist.

Packing for Ireland

This tiny speaker can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or USB Cable so you can play your own music or you can listen to the FM Radio. I can play my two favorite channels inside my house and they both come in clear but there is an antenna that you can attach for better signal if needed.


Remember my mention of accessories earlier? In addition to your speaker, you’ll find the following items tucked inside your leather messenger bag:

USB Cable
Leather Strap
A Cleaning Cloth
User Manual
Warranty Card

I didn’t time how long the battery remained charged, that varies on the setting and volume of the music. According to the Muzen website, if you’re playing the speaker at normal volume, Bluetooth will play 8-10 hours and the radio plays 20. At maximum volume, it’s about half that time.

Tucked away

Nestled in comfort

The speaker is easily charged with the included charging cable using a certified 5V/500mA-2A adapter (not included). I used the adapter from my phone and you can easily confirm the unit is charging because a red light will come on beside the USB port indicating it’s charging. The light will turn green in about 3-4 hours once it’s charged.

I’m not the only one in my house who fell in love with this Rosewood Duffle portable speaker- everyone who has seen it thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. Even my kitten can’t stay away from it! If I ordered the Kitty Skin cover they’d be twinning.

Finnley and my radio

Did I mention this small speaker weighs less than a pound? After the Rosewood Duffle speaker, I can’t decide if I like the Muzen Flamingo Pink Metal or the Muzen Mint Green Metal more. I may have to start a collection. Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite.

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